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Mythbusting - NCDs w Dr Alessandro Demaio

Prepared for Torque 2014

Alessandro Demaio

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Mythbusting - NCDs w Dr Alessandro Demaio

NCDs are the world's leading cause of death and disability.
NCDs cause, result in and
perpetuate poverty.
Locally and Globally.
Half of all people with NCDs are under 70. "Adult onset" diabetes now in kids.
NCDs are a poverty cycle catalyst.
NCDs are the single biggest threat to female health and development.
Globally and locally, NCDs are largely an outcome of the opportunities we can access.
Overcoming NCDs are an impossible task.
A Threat...
An Opportunity
Bold Health Policy that thinks outside the box
Refocus our
Healthcare System
Look Beyond
Blame and Stigma
Invest in Our Children
Catalyse Economic and
Social Development
Health Promotion
Stronger Economies via
Cost-Effective Health Investment
Pull Populations Out of Poverty
& Break its Cycle with Disease
Reconnect with Food
& Our Food Supply
Build Healthier
Empower Communities
Through and for Health, Instead of Blaming Them Their Disease
Lung Disease
Heart Disease

NCDs: The Canary in the Mine
NCDs are a disease of tomorrow.
NCDs are a disease of the rich.
NCDs are just part of ageing.
NCDs only affect men.
NCDs are diseases of laziness.
NCDs are a political issue, not a technical one.
Some continue to argue that NCDs are a reflection of a lazy population making poor choices.
Many are realising NCDs are the 'canary in the mine' for a broken system.
Cities for cars, not people
Food systems for profit, not health
We scold people for being unwell
The only question left is...
What role will you play?
Why is this such a massive problem?

Dr Alessandro Demaio
Postdoctoral Fellow & Assistant Professor, Global Health and NCDs
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