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HUAC and the Hollywood Ten

No description

Corie Gattis

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of HUAC and the Hollywood Ten

They stripped Oppenheimer of his top-secret securtiy clearance.
The HUAC Since the 1930's, the House of Representatives had had a House Un-American Activities Committee. This committe was created to investigate suspected radical groups in the United States. This also included an investigation of Facists and Communists. Over time the group began to focus it attention more towards possible communists threats toward the U.S. This groups focus toward communists mainly developed before the Cold War and sharpened greatly as the Soviets emerged as the main enemy of the U.S. The Hollywood Ten The most famous HUAC investigation began in 1947, in which it's goal was to explore the possible Communist influence in the American film industry. The committe collected names of Hollywood writers and directors who were thought to have radical political views. Ten people were found suspicious and were called before the HUAC. The ten refused to answer questions about their beliefs or the bleiefs of their colleagues. This group of ten were named the Hollywood Ten and were found guilty of contempt of Congress and were sentenced to a year in jail. This alarmed many others in hollywood and many of them now agreed to provide names of possible communists to the HUAC. If others refused to provide names they were placed on a blacklist, which was a list from which all the major Hollywood employers would refuse to hire. This damaged the carrers of several hundred writers, actors, directors, and producers. These events caused a wide spread attention towards suspected communists and the Atomic Energy Commission accused atomic bomb scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer of having communists sympathies. By: Allison Kelly
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