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Week 12, Lecture 2 - Comprehension Strategies and QAR

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Megan Brown

on 1 April 2017

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Transcript of Week 12, Lecture 2 - Comprehension Strategies and QAR

What is QAR?

How is it used?
Types of Questions
Tier 3: Author and Me (Between the book and my head)
Choose a section in Locomotion to use for your comprehension lesson
Write up an activity with a pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading activities

Create four or more questions that will work with your activity.

Write one question on each post-it note (let me know if you need more)

Put the questions on the wall in the QAR section that they match
Reciprocal Teaching
Comprehension Strategies
What did we talk about last class?
Reaching Comprehension
So how can we help our students to comprehend?
Read back over your Locomotion journal entries

Has your view of the book changed?

Take some time to process about the semester in your Bird by Bird journals
Question Answer Relationships
Questions that look at information in the book and in the students' minds
Next Class:
Read Chapter 12
Is Being Wild about Harry Enough?
Read Locomotion (93-100)
Establishing purpose
Using prior knowledge
Asking and answering questions
Making inferences
Determining what is important
Dealing with graphic information
Imaging and creating graphic representations
Being metacognitive
Tier 1: Right There (In the book)
Tier 2: Think, Search, Find (In the book)
Tier 4: On My Own (In my head)
Intro and questions
Book promo
Locomotion discussion and activity
Review last class
Group presentation
Practice with QAR
Preview next week's work
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