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British Maritime Empire

No description

Garrett Dore

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of British Maritime Empire

Colonizing the New World
Around 1600, Britain made the British East India Company, who traded with India and the Malay Archipelago.
The large British presence in India and amount of trade going through that area brought much money to Britain.
The British East India company had a lot of power. It had its own military and something similar to a government. Though they were technically answerable to Britain, they had all of the power.
A commonly accepted date for British rule in India is 1757.
The British sent many ships to China before large scale trade between the two countries occurred. The first few expeditions were expelled, but in 1672, the British established a presence in Taiwan.
Many things were traded with China, like silk and spices, but one of the main things was opium. The opium trade helped silver to flow out of China.
In 1839, the First Opium War was fought, and China was carved up between European nations.
How did Empire building in this era compare to other eras?
This was mainly a trade empire, instead of a land empire. Most empires in the past were over large areas of land, used for agriculture in order to feed their population. These empire, while it did conquer some areas for agriculture, used those crops to make money. North America was the only place where they set up colonies. made a large effort to colonize the area. British set up influence in areas that they would in conquer in the next time period.

British Maritime Empire
Colonization of the New World started in the early 17th century. Jamestown was the firtst in 1607.
The east coast of what is now the United States and Canada were colonized first.
The Caribbean was colonized in the 16th century, and slave labor was used in order to produce cash crops.

'Merica happened in the late 1700s.
The British didn't really settle this area in this time period, however in the 1800s they start to. However, they engage in the slave trade with West Africa. The Royal African Company had a monopoly on British trade in Africa.
Wars and rivalries
In the late 1500s, the British become much more active in trade in Asia, creating some hostilities with Portugal.
The Dutch were a major rival in the Indian Ocean trade, however hostilities ended in the late 1600s.
The British fought in the Nine Years War and the War of Spanish Succession. In the latter, they gained Newfoundland, Acadia, Gibraltar, and Minorca.
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