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My Portfolio by Rory Flannery

Exploratory 8 Computer Technology

Rory Flannery

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of My Portfolio by Rory Flannery

Rory Flannery March 25, 2013 8th Grade Still Introduction I play Lacrosse, Football, and I row and ski race. Technology 8, Section 1 Programs Used: : Google Chrome
: Photoshop
: Google Drive Layers Project Step 1: In order to complete this assignment, you must first open Photoshop and create a new image. You then set the size of it to 1000 x 700 pixels. Down in the lower right side of the page, it will show the separate layers, and you need to unlock the background layer. Step 2: Now if you are going to want to draw, you need to always add a new layer. To do this, you need to go to the very bottom right corner and click on the icon that has a page with the corner folded over. Step 3: You now will have a clear layer that you can draw on. To draw, you need to select the brush icon on the left of the screen. You can change it’s appearance and size on the properties bar on the top left. Step 4: To change the brush size and brush type you must use the properties bar to change them. There are many different shapes and sizes to use so have fun! Step 5: You can use the color picker to change the colors of your brush by clicking on the color icons on the bottom left side of the page. Step 6: If you make a mistake, don’t worry! You can undo it by clicking on edit, and then step backwards. Composite Step 1: Before you do anything, you must unlock the background layer. To get a picture, you must find one online on Google, Bing, or any other search engines. You then click and drag the picture to your desktop and then onto the Photoshop icon in the dock. Step 2: Next, you need to erase the background of your picture you want to add to another. You can do this by using the magic wand tool. This will select an area of the same color and/or shade. You can then delete that. You now will have a selected space that you will have to press command + D. Step 3: Now that the area is unselected, you can use the erase tool to erase any parts you do not want on the picture. If you want to un-erase something, you can hold down option and erase to bring back what you have erased. Step 4: You can now use the properties bar to blend pictures together by using soft erasers and make it stand out by using sharp erasers. Step 5: You can blend pictures even more together by using the opacity tool. You can change the opacity settings on the properties bar. Step 6: To move your picture onto another one, use the move tool to drag it up to the other picture on top, just under the properties bar. You can now make it the perfect size by pressing command + T. Now to keep the shape of your picture while you change it’s size is to hold shift while pulling it by the corner. I am 14 years old
I'm in 8th Grade Color Change After Before Step 1: First, you must find a picture that you want to change the color of. Make sure that the main object is bright against all the other colors. Bright Pictures Step 2: Now you must open the picture in Photoshop by clicking and dragging it to the Photoshop icon. Remember to unlock the background. You now need to make a copy of the picture to be able to change it’s color. Step 3: You do this by dragging the layer to the new layer icon at the bottom. It will now make an exact copy of the picture. Now make a mask of the original picture. There is an icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen that looks like a white rectangle. Step 4: To change the color of the picture now, you must change the color of your brush to the opposite color of the mask. So if it’s black, you must change your brush to white, and vice versa. Now you need to click on Image, Adjustments, and then Hue/Saturation. Switch Colors Step 5: Now you can change the hue. Remember to click on the mask of the picture and not the picture before you try to paint. It will not come out as a color, but it will erase the different color. Step 6: Erase everything except the main object that you want to be a different color. You can see what you are erasing easier by hiding the layer you are'nt erasing. Desaturation Step 1: First you must find a picture that you can use. It should have a bright object against a less interesting background. Step 2: Now click and drag the picture to your desktop and then to the Photoshop icon. As always, you need to unlock the background of your layer. Step 3: Now make a copy of the layer by clicking and dragging the layer to the new layer button. Step 4: You can make a mask of either one of those layers now. So now click on the picture and go up to Image, Adjustments, and then Hue/Saturation. Step 5: Slide the Saturation bar all the way down so that the picture is black and white. Now go back to the picture and click on the mask. Step 6: You can now bring the picture back to it’s original color by making your brush the opposite color of the mask. So if it’s white, make the brush black. Step 7: Now you can paint over the parts you want to have color. If you mess up on a part, then you can just switch the color of the brush and paint over that area. Thank you for watching My presentation!
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