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Importance of magnesium & nitrate ions to plants

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on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Importance of magnesium & nitrate ions to plants

Importance of magnesium & nitrate ions to plants
What are nutrients needed for?
Healthy growth of plants - without nutrients plants do not grow as well - deficiency symptoms.
Some nutrients used in the plants are NITRATE & MAGNESIUM IONS.
Magnesium Ions
Necessary mineral used in the GROWTH of plants.
Magnesium is absorbed by plants to make CHLOROPHYLL.
Chlorophyll absorbs light used for PHOTOSYNTHESIS.
Nitrate Ions
Provides nitrogen for the construction of vital molecules e.g. AMINO ACIDS.
Amino acids are used to make PROTEINS.
Proteins are required for GROWTH.
The lack of nitrate ions will result in poor growth rate.

The leaves of the plants lacking in nitrate will be a yellow colour.
Leaves witout chlorophyll look yellow.

This is a condition known as CHLOROSIS.

Leaves without magnesium will shrivel up and die.

Plants lacking in magnesium do not grow well.
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