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Susan Williams

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of Openness

Key concepts
What does Open mean?
'Freely shared':

the 4 R's: Reusable, Redistributable, Revisable, Remixable
What are the influences in education?
1 . OER Open Educational Resources
2. OA Open Access
3. OT Open Teaching
Freely available to the public and use an open copright license, eg Creative Commons
the expertise vs the the experience
Began as way of putting formal University courses on the net
Education is on the edge of its own Reformation
What is education?

'those who share the most
are the most successful'
eg Open textbooks:

- make education more affordable
-can be edited/adapted
researcher vs publisher issue: out of balance: publisher
has legal copyrights to control the work...law and policy
allow us to say 'It's mine!'

Open journals host openly licensed research articles
using technology to open formal courses
assign readings freely available
putting h/wk on blogs/wikis
using social media for some purposes
courses with alternative accreditation
eg MOOCs
'Openness is the only
means of doing education'
'Education is sharing'
If there is no
means of sharing there is no education
'Expertise can be given away without losing it'
but expressions of expertise are sometimes not available eg a book
digital expressions are 'non-rivalrous'
policy is the nemesis of technology
The role of new media/technology is to increase our capacity to be open
The more open we are the better education will be
S Williams
Cormier(2013), What do you mean...open?
CNN-133 Open Course 2012, The extended
argument for openness
Wiley 2010, Open education and the future
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