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Horse Rehabilitation Therapist

No description

Sierra Dean

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Horse Rehabilitation Therapist

Horse Rehabilitation Therapist Sierra Dean
Period 4 Therapies A Day in the Life Work Environment Tools / Equipment A Success Story Vibration Therapy ECB Cold Saltwater Spa HydroHorse underwater treadmill Training and Education Related Careers Pros & Cons What is a horse rehabilitation
therapist? Must of graduated high school and college
Masters Degree in rehab therapy
Must pass a national exam
Must be licensed by state and country you practice in Positives- Getting to work with the animal you love and being able to improve them. You make a good salary and very hands on.

Cons- It's a hard job to get and since it's new there isn't a lot of it. Another con is seeing the animals you love being injured and losing faith. Vet
Equine Massage Therapist
Horse Trainer
An in-ground, submerged treadmill. It is used for both rehabilitation and fitness. It is effective in treating bowed tendons, pulled suspensory ligaments, bucked shins, joint injuries and many other conditions The ECB Spa is a self-contained unit that uses very cold salt hydrotherapy to treat and prevent lower leg injuries and laminitis in horses. This therapy increases blood and lymph flow, increases bone density and strength, stimulates and tones muscles, etc. Being a horse rehabilitation therapist is a job were you are doing hands on work being surrounded by horses everyday. The whole purpose of job is handling horses through there therapies. This horse has cellulitis on it's back right leg. It was sent to get cold saltwater hydrotherapy. After 8 days of treatment it was back to normal Horse rehabilitation therapist are
people who work with physically and emotionally injured horses. Through different types of therapies, they bring the injured horses back to health. Incredibly hands on field. There are plenty of different therapies that they use to strengthen and improve the performance of the horses. Because of there job horse rehabilitation therapist are required to have a calm, kind and compassionate nature. You need a steady hand. HydroHorse underwater treadmill
ECB cold saltwater spa
EquiVibe whole body vibration
70′ all-weather free-flow exerciser
GameReady cold compression therapy
Vibration Floor
PEMF - Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Core exercises
Weight belt
Activator Some therapies include: Free Flow Exersicer or Panel Walker Provides. a safe and natural form of exercise for rehabilitation, cool down and warm ups. Expected Salary Average $62,000 annually The salary differs by experience and location Skills
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