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Romeo and Juliet- Character Development

No description

Romeo Juliet

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet- Character Development

Romeo and Juliet- Character Development
Romeo and Juliet
Act I
In act 1, Romeo is incredibly fickle. Romeo's first conversation is of him talking to Benvolio of his love of Rosaline. When he is rejected,
Act II
Romeo and Juliet are both extremely impulsive. Their motto would be "Don't think, just act."
Mercutio and Benvolio sneak into the capulets masquerade party to cheer him up. The second he lays his eyes on Juliet, Rosaline is completely forgotten, and already he is convinced he is in love.
Act III- Amy
Romeo- Tries to be peaceful, but acts impulsively and only guided by emotion leading to him killing Tybalt. Heartbroken about leaving (rather die)loves Juliet so much.
Romeo (continued)
Act III- Amy
Romeo- "O, I am fortunes fool!"

Proves Romeo's impulsive nature and him recognizing this.
Act IV
She's more mature and clever, but still emotionally impulsive. Loves Romeo so much she's heartbroken about the exile even more so than about Tybalt's death. Angry about marriage to Paris causing her disobedience, secrets, and suicidal thoughts.
Juliet (continued)
Juliet cries and is heartbroken about Romeo's exile. She loves Romeo so much and can't bear to be without him.
Juliet- "If all else fail, myself have power to die."

Shows Juliet's intense love for Romeo and her recognition that without him she would rather die.
Juliet cont.
Daring, she is willing to die. She trusts the Friar. she goes against what her father says. she is very decieving. she doesn't think the ahead, just acts.
Act V
Romeo is a sappy character who's first idea after he hears about Juliet's death is that he will kill himself next to Juliets grave.
Act v
Romeo heard about Juliet's death from But never got the letter from Friar Lawrence so Romeo thinks Juliet is actually dead.
act iv cont.
Romeo waits in anticipation for Friar Lawrence's message. Eager to return to Verona. Also heartbroken about his exile. Battling emotions.
Act v
Juliet's beliefs are similar to Romeo and when she awakes from her fake death, she finds a dead Romeo and her first thoughts to kill herself.
Act v
“This is thy sheath;

Stabs herself

there rust, and let me die.”

Here is the line where Juliet finds Romeo's dagger and stabs herself.
In this act, Romeo "stumbles" upon Juliet's backyard and both lovers find themselves drowning in the love they have for each other. They make rash and rushed decisions to get married the next day. The date is set and it's too late to turn back now.
Multidimensional characters grow and develop as a play or story continues. The importance of following
Conclusion 2
characters and analyzing their actions and personalities is so that we can understand the meaning of the play in a more personal, emotional, and mental way. Having a deeper knowledge of characters help make the whole
Conclusion 3
play clearer and give us an idea of the characters motives at specific points in the play. Helping us with the motives also helps us understand themes better because one can relate to why the character did what he/she did.
Act III- Amy
This act shows the intense love shared between Romeo and Juliet, both would rather kill themselves than be apart for too long, and are suicidal just thinking about it. This contrasts greatly from earlier when Romeo loved Rosaline & Juliet had never been in love.
Juliet is impulsive in act one, after just briefly speaking with Romeo, and then finding his true identity, she says "My
"My only love sprung from my only hate!" With this she already decides that she loves Romeo, despite having talked with him for a very short time period.
Act II- Mikhaela
"Th' exchange of thy love's faithful vow for mine." ~Romeo
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