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Unit 7 - Human Geography (Urbanization)

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Dawson McCall

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Unit 7 - Human Geography (Urbanization)

Unit 7 - Human Geography (Urbanization)
Some Basic Urbanization Facts
Large scale urbanization began during the Industrial Revolution (beginning of the 1800s).
Percentage of the world's population living in urban settlements:
1800 - 3%
1900 - 14%
1960 - 30%
2010 - 51%
2030 - 70% (projection)
Why are the world cities growing:
1/2 of urbanization is due to natural birth rates.
1/2 is due to migration:
People migrate to cities for many reasons:
Health Care
Fleeing from War
Megacities - The World's Largest Cities
Is Urbanization Good or Bad?
Urbanization - The movement of people from rural/suburban communities to urban communities; the growth of cities and urban settlements through migration and/or population growth.
Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya) - Africa's Largest Slum
The Slums of Calcutta, India
A Brief History of Urbanization
Slum - An informal, urban settlement, in which residents lack one or more of life's basic necessities.
Interactive Map - Urban Growth (1950 - 2050)
Click Here - http://www.unicef.org/sowc2012/urbanmap/
Megacity - Urban center with population of 10 million or more.
More Basic Urbanization Facts
Environmental Impact
A Planet of Slums?
1.1 Billion Slum Dwellers Worldwide
16% of the world's population
Slum Populations Are Increasing by 25 Million People Each Year
If this rate continues, by 2100 over 25% of the world's population will live in slums.
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