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Inquiry Assignment

No description

Tarmo Sulev

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Inquiry Assignment

Welcome to the inquiry "Using the PEC system, in both the students’ mother-tongue and in English, will this approach allow that student to learn English sooner? Will the PECS also increase their vocabulary in both languages? What other benefits will be seen i.e. behaviour, social skills, etc..." What does PECS stand for? It stands for... Picture Exchange Communication System So what does that means please...in plain English!!! Well lets look at what Mr. Sulev has in his bag of goodies shall we! Do you understand now what PECS are? Any questions? So what is the gist of my inquiry? Let me tell you... PECS are great not only for the autisitc child, but for any child They simple to use... They are easy to understand... The system is progressive... You can modify it for anything The best part is that children are exposed to pictures and words everyday So why is this inquiry so important to me and my teaching practice? Quite simply put...as teachers we need tools... ...we need strategies... ...we need help... ...and finally, my philosophy is that we need to be creative! Thank-you and enjoy this little pep talk on creativity
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