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Expository writing Year 10

No description

Bron Thomas

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Expository writing Year 10

Expository Writing Let me prove my point Expository writing is... What's in an argument? The structure Language to use Where the writer demonstrates detailed knowledge about a specific topic. This type of writing can be used to address a number of purposes such as...

Persuasive writing So an argument? In persuasive writing, writers try and make the readers agree with a certain point of view or encourage people to take action.

Persuasive techniques are used all the time...
Newspaper articles
Letters to the editors
Letters of complaints An opening statement

A series of logically structured points supporting your position

A rebuttal

A conclusion Words to help write.... Using expository writing to present a point of view There are 2 sides to every story... make me believe yours Features of expository writing It's not just contradiction; show that you're an expert statistics Anecdotes quotes rhetorical questions emotive language Humour inclusive statements use of first person perspective (I, we, us) Know why you're writing Purpose - why am I writing this?
Audience - who am I writing to?
Identity - who am I writing as?
Attitude - how do I want them to feel? An assertion:
in fact, for example, in addition, moreover, furthermore, as well as, similarly, above all, also, certainly, consequently, as a result, likewise, not only, obviously A rebuttal:
on the other hand, conversely, contradicting this, countering this view, admittedly, though, while, however, A conclusion:
Finally, clearly, for these reasons, in conclusion, in summary, therefore Examples of persuasive writing
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