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What did people do for fun and leisure in the 1800s?

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david quinzin

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of What did people do for fun and leisure in the 1800s?

What Adults did.
What Kids did.
The Toys there were at the time.
In the 1800s toys were much more traditional. Unlike today there weren't any video games so you would need to go play outside or with some small toys or famous boardgames.
What did people do for fun and leisure in the 1800s?
By: David Quinzin and Louis Grivel
What Women did.
Women would spend much of their time writting letters. Poor women would not have time for fun because they worked all day cleaning houses or working in shops. Women would still work as much as men. What women would mostly do during their pass time is sewed, did needlework and visited one another.
Adults, especially men, did not have much time to have fun because they worked all day at the factory. Most of the time, if the adults had a kid they would spend most of their breaks with them and go to the park. Due to the revolutionary invention of the train people with sufficient funds would take the train to go and the coast next to the sea. Sometimes people would go to music halls and theaters. They would almost go alone on vacation or somewhere to have fun except if they didn't have children.
During the Dickensian England, kids and teenagers didn’t have as much fun as they should have. When they did have time, kids would do many things for their fun and leisure at the time. Go to circuses and ride animals or join their families on vacation with the train. They would also go play the new common sport, football. Many boys would also go to the park or horse riding. When they wouldn't be playing football, they would be playing a board game or a toy they own at home. Girls would be in the park most of the time talking to one another. They would also be at home preparing to learn how to be a woman. Their mothers would be teaching them.
Kids Had to Work.
During the Industrial Revolution, 1760-1840 men had to work. Later kids from the age of three were forced to work, then due to the loss of too many kids they decided to make kids start work at the age of nine. Then when you were nineteen you were considered an adult and had to work the maximum time. In London in 1840 only 20% of the children had an education but gratefully that number had risen by the 1860.
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