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Poverty, Unemployment, & Underemployment/Marginal Employment

No description

Janet Rodriguez

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Poverty, Unemployment, & Underemployment/Marginal Employment

Stress Relief Poverty Unemployment Underemployment/Marginal Employment Video Refers to the state of severe deprivation of basic human needs, which commonly includes food, water, sanitation, clothing shelter, healthcare and education/information
Both poverty and educational level are associated with poorer health.
Poverty is caused by many factors such as (race, age, physical disability, mental disorders, sexual orientation, and family structure) -Anybody who is not working and
ia waiting to be called back to a job
from which they had been laid off
(they need not be looking for work in
order to be classified as unemployed). Individuals working in low paying jobs/highly skilled but work in low skill jobs/part-time workers that would prefer to be full-time.

When the duty is not one of the reasons for the job’s existence and the job would still exist if the duty were not performed. Two Factors Related to Stress that may Lead to Poverty HOMELESSNESS
A.) between 444,000-842,000 people in the U.S on any given night
B.) result from factors such as domestic violence, minimum wage jobs, lack of employment
61% of African Americans live with one or no parent
30% of Hispanic lives with one or no parent
23% of Whites lives with one or no parent
Family structure is Important for a child’s health, Research shows that that marital dissolution and child bearing outside of marriage has negative effects
Children who grow with two parents or more tend to do better in school (test scores higher, less chance of dropping out of school Age and Physical Challenges May Lead to Poverty Elderly expected to retire at a certain age
Easily stereotyped
Many older individuals would like to stay busy and uphold part-time jobs
Federal Government has established health objectives to help Individuals with Physical and Mental Challenges Subjected to discriminatory attitudes in the workplace
In order to help we can recognize the necessity of their needs Individuals Judged Based on Sexual Orientation Hate crimes
Physical violence
Social Isolation
Lower self-esteem
Higher prevalence of psychological symptoms of distress Persons are classified as unemployed if they do not have a job, actively looking for work in the prior 4 weeks, & are currently available for work. Actively looking for work may consist of:
- job interviews
-•Sending out resumes
-Filling out applications
-active job search Definition: Statistics -The unemployment rate in the
United States has decreased to
7.9 percent in October of 2012. -Forgive yourself. It’s not always your fault
-Join a support Group because there are many going through the same things you are
-Talk to family and friends and try not being alone
-Sign up for training opportunities
-Enroll in mentoring programs
-Stay positive As of October ’12:

16.7% of U.S. adults who were employed part-time wanted to work full-time (underemployed) Statistics Rates of stress among different races:

Latinos/as (13.1%)
African Americans (15.7%)
European Americans (9.5%) Stressors: Family
Emotional: Poverty, Unemployment & Underemployment/Marginal Employment

By: Erin, India, & Janet Stressors: Family problems
health problems The End
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