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Should technology be used in schools?

Technology has evolved soo much in these past few centuries, but should it be allowed in schools?

Peter Ho

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Should technology be used in schools?

SHOULD BE USED IN SCHOOL? Evolution In Schools! Kids in school used to write on paper and read out of books But the fact is,
more and more kids in school these days
are on Ipads or on computers Also, as we all know
the world is quickly
to technology Now more and more schools
are turning towards
technology to keep pace with
the neverending evolution of
technology! tossing the paper
and.... Taking up
video games The normal learning
method is old, outdated
and.... Even some highschools are...... "These are their tools and
students are using them now" “These are the pens and pencils of our future,”
says program administrator Todd Wright hmm..... let's put it this way TECHNOLOGY and i'm not the only one who thinks so ... it's time for change! Technology VS
normal methods of learning still not entirely convinced? then you should take a look at... With technology you save paper,
therefore saving trees! With technology you can share
your work with everyone around
the world With technology you can search up facts,
pictures videos and more You can even make fantastic
online presentations ( such as this one ) With the normal methods
of learning ....

AND INTERESTING THINGS!! Technology is easily the
better choice! Here are some
examples of schools
that are already
using technology! Beverley Acres Public School With technology you can
easily and effectively
aid special-ed students Jersey Public School Denison High School Vienna university of technology And many many more! My real life friend
even went from a 70%
to a 90% student
after her school decided
to use more technology! SHOULD TECHNOLOGY
BE USED IN SCHOOLS? MOST DEFINITELY!! by: Peter Ho Why? Because, technology is an
amazing tool to have in the
classroom! It can make any lesson
interesting and can even
help students
achieve better grades But you don't
have to take my
word for it Take the word of my classmates! Almost all of them agree that
technology will certainly improve
their learning skills! My friend Ryan says that
"technology will make lessons more
fun" My classmate Zach insists that
" technology is a spectacular device
that will completely change life
in the classroom for the better! WE ABSOLUTELY
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