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on 3 June 2017

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Transcript of PRECOGNX Overview


Changing Demographics, Changing Business Processes

Why Big Data & Predictive Analytics Matter

Who We Are, What We Do

Our Collaborative, Results-Driven Process

Next Steps

Changing Perspective
Assumed Value Chain
Change Perspective
The Relative Value Chain
Next Steps
Identify Executive Sponsor

Prioritize Big Data Use Cases by relative value

Determine Project Scope & Phases

Begin Business Process
Stage 2
Stage 3
Finish Business Process
Value Add
Value Add
Big Data = Big Potential
Begin Business Process

Stage 1
Stage 3
Finish Business Process
Stage 2
The Economist: Finding Value in Big Data

Typical Business Stakeholder:
What I Need
"I need to process a ton of information, in a very short time frame, at a very low cost to extract the relative data and present to an end user."

"I can’t overwhelm the end user with a ton of information. I need to provide them with the “right” information at the right time."

Value Add
Value Add
Stage 1

Circle Size= Relative Value

Information Size= Relative Impact
"It’s no longer enough just to be able to know when I need to adjust my course direction, I need to automate to reduce reaction times to environmental, regulatory or competitive changes."

Who We Are
Machine Learning, Distributed computing, Database Design and Development, Software Design and Development, Big Data, Data Analysis, Integration, Information Retrieval, Data Modeling
PL/SQL, SQL, Python, C#, OBIEE, Informatica, Java, Perl, PHP, T-SQL, PMML, MySQL, JavaScript, Hadoop, MapReduce, Shark, Nutch, Mahout, Oracle DB, SQL Server, Teradata, Pro*C, R, JMP/SAS, Weka
Our Methods
Collaborate with the client

Results focused

Build Holistic Solutions in Phases

Data Complexity Decision Matrix

CEO Magazine=Big Data Roundtable

Acquire data of all sorts and types for better accuracy and precision on business decisions.
Analyze data and predict potential business impacts.
Act on the information and make a business decision.
Automate responses to predictions so the business can move from reactive decisioning to proactive innovation.
Demographics Driven Innovation
New Business Processes Required
40.4+% of US workforce eligible to retire in next 5 yrs
The approximate number of people by generation as of 2010:
Mature/WWII Generation: 40,267,984
Baby Boomers: 81,489,445
Generation X: 61,032,705
Generation Y/Millennials: 85,405,385
By 2025, the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) project that there will be almost 50 million persons over 65 and not in the labor force—about twice the number in 1995.
McKinsey Study

How to decide? Decision automation?
Data Science Work:
We have done data science work such as Hadoop, Hive, Pig, NLP and coding projects and a patent attorney that provides innovation seminars on how companies can better leverage their data.
COE Work:

Members of our leadership team have worked with clients to develop an analytic Center of Excellence to drive the expanded and continued use of predictive analytics across the enterprise to maximize innovation.

Solution Complexity:
We have sold multi-million dollar data center consulting engagements ($5M+) as well as mainframe data archiving solutions.

Machine Learning:
We know machine learning and we are exploring relationships with medical device component manufacturers to help them with sensors, data rationalization and machine learning.
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