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Isaac Newton

No description

Amy Skidmore

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton experienced many setbacks throughout his life.
Personal Setbacks
His unhappy childhood led to many mental breakdowns
Newton suffered a large mental breakdown from 1675-1679
He suffered another very severe nervous disorder in 1693
Professional Setbacks
Mother died in 1679
Isaac Newton
Born January 4, 1643 (New Style), in Woolsthorpe, England.
Fundamental Contributions
Newton made many fundamental contributions in fields of physics and mathematics.
Newton wrote many books but
his most famous are:
Contributions Used Today
Calculus and physics are learned in school across the nation
A short biography on Newton's life.
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Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica
Published in 1687; explained his law of universal gravitation
Stated that all bodies in space and on earth are affected by a force called gravity
Discovered by applying laws of motion to Kepler's laws of orbital motion
Theorized with the orbital cannon.
Research led him on a 30+ year quest to find the Philosophers' Stone.
What is alchemy?
June 1661- Began school at Cambridge University
Privately mastered the works of many intellectuals (Rene Descartes, Pierre Gassendi, Thomas Hobbes, etc) during his undergraduate years.
Age 26: became the new Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge.
1672: First paper was a somewhat controversial study on the nature of color.
Early Educational Achievements
Cambridge University
Newton created the three laws of motion
Mathematics of his time could not calculate the formulas needed for the motion of the planets.
Calculus allowed him to draw curves and tangents and solve them
Newton invented calculus.
1. Law of Inertia
(Object is at rest unless compelled to
2. Law of Acceleration
(Force is equal to mass times acceleration
3. Law of Action and Reaction
(For every action there is an equal and
opposite reaction)
He had a beam of sunlight pass through a prism and the reflections caused the beam to separate
Wrote about how colors occur
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Picture/Video Citations
Efforts almost fruitless- managed only managed to produce a purple copper alloy.
Newton's Purple Copper Alloy
Newton's Cradle
Demonstrated how momentum is conserved in collisions
Father was an uneducated farmer
Mother remarried and Newton despised his new step-father
Newton was primarily in the care of his grandmother
He was taken out of school at age sixteen to work on the farm; returned to school later
Newton had many family problems:
Mother's death caused him to cut himself off from others to focus on alchemical research
Professions that use calculus or physics:
Civil Engineer
Clinical Scientist
Pharmaceutical Scientist
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