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Cells: What are the characteristics of living things?

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Neil Casey

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Cells: What are the characteristics of living things?

1. Living things can grow, fix injurd parts, and create other living things
4.Living things create waste
In your table groups, brainstorm what are the characteristics of living things! Give examples to help explain your thoughts.
5. Living things have a lifespan
6. Living things are made up of at least one cell.

What are the characteristics of living things?

2.Living things need Energy!
3. Living things can react to changes in their environment.
Minds on!
Class Discussion!
Defend your ideas!

1. Cell is the basic unit of life!
2. An organism can be one cell (unicellular) or lots of cells (Multicellular)
3. All cells are created from existing cells through a process called cell division by which a cell divides into two new cells.
Cell Theory

Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek (oooh lala..)
Do you think that scientists should try and alter existing cells, stepping on the toes of mother nature? Explain your reasoning?
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