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Copy of THE IDEA : Ramly's gourmet burger

small business mgt.

Dayyan Zee

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of THE IDEA : Ramly's gourmet burger

Malaysian burger created by Dato' Haji RAMLI MOKNI and his wife Pn Hjh Shala bt Abd Manaf
started in 1984 as small family business
operated from mobile kiosk at Lorong Hj Hussin in KL
ideas comes from his observation when work as meat cutter at the supermarket and wishes to produces halal, clean and quality products.

Company Mission
Achieve excellent in the business target.

Company Vision
To produce halal, clean and quality product.
Company Goal

Provide and offering job opportunities in management, production to product marketing and distribution and become household name in Malaysia and international markets and plan export Ramly food products worldwide.

With a fast and easy to prepare frozen food products yet healthy at the same time not like any other frozen food
products it‟ll take care of them almost the same as how normal meal
will do.
Perception:A young teenage and executive who are too busy with assignments and work and only got little time for food yet still keeping up with healthy lifestyle and eat good food and even enjoy it at the same time.
Learning: From internet most of the time and friend. Motivation & Needs:They prefer a healthy food and delicious at the same time.
Attitude & Personality: Fast food lover, hardworking, discipline and care about health.
Lifestyle:Hectic life, studying hard student life and healthy life
Market Size
Malaysia and International Market
Muslim and Non Muslim market

Market Growth
Economic scenario that is stable and increasing frozen food demand.

Advertising Strategy
Ramly Burger currently lack of advertising and promotional activities. They only use a
few advertising channel and it‟s really not efficient.

Promotional Banner
It‟s a good way to attract people to feel the deliciousness of Ramly burger patty so it‟s
also should be outside of the Restaurant to attract more and more people.
Proposed Primary Target Audience Demographic
Age 24-35
Gender Male & Female
Education College / University Occupation White collar worker Income Range RM1800-RM5000
Race & Ethnicity All races and ethnics Geographic Location Urban area

- Social Media Adverting such as: Facebook & twitter
- Specialized Food based magazines and TV shows.

- expending distribution channel through supply chain to retail stores and local grocers.
"the business can be covert into another businesses on later stages such as: (selling the truck)"
Prepared by:
Dayangku Siti Zulaiha

Market Change

Frozen food is actually prepared food, no need to put anything just ready to cook and eat which can save time.
It is an extra to this product as it is a healthy food.

Money wasting issue

There are 5 competitors

Saudi Arabia

These circumstances frozen food market shows encouraging improvement. Lifestyle of the citizens, are not denied the villagers were busy contributing to the increasing demand for frozen food. Ramly Burger has identified that there is lack of frozen food products, particularly marine fish, beef, and lamb in the market. Household spending is expected to increase following the development of a promising economic future. This will increase demand in the frozen food market and the local situation is supported by statistical demand for frozen foods continued to increase until 2020.
Market Need
Strengths and weaknesses

Ramly Burger strength is as follows: -
Have an efficient management team
Having the strength of its own brand "Ramly"
Having the strength of the product in terms of distinctive taste and nutritious
Has the business planning aspects skilled in business development
Management of skilled and experience in marketing

Ramly Burger weaknesses are as follows: -
Need to cash flow sufficient
Need help to increase productivity for machine company
Facing the controversial issue about Halal status.

Making consumer aware of healthy but easy to prepare food is worth the money.
Producing more advertisements.
Product campaign improvement.

Miss interpretation of the awareness campaign.
More money to be spend and consumer might ignore the increasing of the advertisement
Marketing Mix
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