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Journey to Topaz

No description

Linzie Hood

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Journey to Topaz

Journey to Topaz
Book Details
Published By:
McNaughton and Gunn in 1971

Yuki, and 11 year old Japanese American grows up with her family during Pearl Harbor and the Japanese internment camps.

page 90 last paragraph

The world will throw evils in your face left and right but you cannot let them change the good in you.

The world will make you grow up faster than you want to.

People make mistakes.

Life is not always fair.

“Animals were really much nicer than people. They never said things that could make you sad.” Yuki pg 20

“Fear sometimes make people do terrible things.” Mother pg 25

“There comes a time when you have to stand up and be counted for what you believe in, and I’ve got to go.” Ken pg 135

“When you do what you know is right you find dignity in yourself that makes you a happy person.” Father Sakane pg 136

Teaching Ideas:
Background information on Pearl Harbor.


Japanese heritage information about: San, Chan, Bowing, Tea

Teaching Ideas Cont...
By: Yoshiko Uchida and
Donald Carrick




Framing: 1.) guide students to watch for signs of discrimination
throughout the book
2.) guide students to watch for things that they can
compare to the Holocaust

Point out foreshadowing moments in the book and have students create/write about what might happen next.

Look up definition of tuberculosis using a dictionary. Then use the situation with Emi as a writing topic about how Yuki was forced to grow up faster than she would have if none of it had happened using evidence form the book.
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