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Pediatric Surgeon

No description

Denisse Ramirez

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Pediatric Surgeon

Pediatric Surgeon by Denisse Ramirez What does someone with this career do? Where does someone with this career work? When do they go to work and for how long? Describe the career. Is this career for me? What are characteristics of people in this career? A pediatric surgeon treats children(ranging from newborn to teens) who are in need of a surgery because of an illness, injury, or disease. Pediatric surgeons work in hospitals, (usually those who specialize in pediatrics), and university-related medical centers. Pediatric surgeons have irregular working schedules. It is estimated that they work from 60-80 hours per week. Hours are very irregular and they must be available and ready for emergency calls. Key characteristics include compassion, patience, sensitivity, responsibility, and emotional stability. This career is challenging and it certainly takes a while to obtain. Regardless of that, it is rewarding because you get to help children and even save lives. You are greatly responsible of a child during surgery, and you must deal with the hardships that come with this job such as losing a patient. You must treat people for severe illnesses, injuries, and diseases, and must be ready to work when duty calls. After long research on pediatric surgeons, I realized that it is not a fit for me because of its long journey. I feel it is too much time, and I would not manage making decisions under stressful and maybe life or death situations. I will continue to search for a career, with the same aspiration to work in pediatrics to help children grow healthy and strong! :) Pediatric Surgeon What type of education, background, and experience is required? You must have four years of medical school, five years of general surgery, two years of residency, and two years of additional training exclusively in children's surgery. After you must be certified by the American Board of Surgery and then be given a special certificate that sub-specializes pediatrics. What does someone in this career do on a typical day? On a typical day a pediatric surgeon will treat abnormalities of the groin, surgically repair birth defects, operate on wounds or injuries(ex:shot or knife wound), diagnose and take surgical care of a tumor, and other surgical procedures for children. How much money do they make a year? The average annual salary for a pediatric surgeon ranges from $250,000-$340,000. Typical personality of a person in this career: People who have this career are usually "social butterflies" and have a desire to help kids. They must be quick, active listeners, critical thinker and be capable of making efficient decisions under stressful situations. Resources http://www.ehow.com/info_7755518_average-pediatric-surgeon-salary.html
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