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Blogging: Be the Storyteller for Your Nonprofit

Your websites, social media channels, newsletters and print communications - how do you pull everything together?

Joel Barker

on 16 March 2012

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Transcript of Blogging: Be the Storyteller for Your Nonprofit

Blogging: Be the Storyteller for Your Nonprofit
Joel Barker
Backpack Tactics, President
Who's Voice Is It?
Everyone's - One blog for many stories and many authors
The trick is empowering everyone to capture and share those stories.
What's the Blog Going to Say?
Focus on core services and programs that make your organization who it is
Tell people what you do and why you do it.
Use words that you know "regular people" use for your services (more on this later)
Showcase the people that make up your organization: Leadership and Experts, Volunteers and Employees, and Constituents
Find your Point Person
The content and your organization's voice comes from many places/people/voices but it’s helpful to have one point person (and a back up) to ensure content is being published and shared on some sort of schedule
Consider a Shared Calendar
Promotion opportunities
Web site
Business cards
Email signatures
Social media

Those are channels to help spread awareness. Your blog is your nonprofit’s home/hub/newsroom.

It’s where you can collect all of the inspiring stories about what you do.
How to define success – ideas
Traffic to site/blog
Number of shares
Number of comments/engagement
13,000% increase in traffic (no really - 1500 visitors in a week for this blog alone)
Published April 2010, continues to drive traffic to the site. Most visited blog in last 6 months
Blogs can be more than text
E-newsletters/existing content
What are you using your newsletter for?
Where are you creating content already that could live on longer as a blog?
Do you have donor stories? Volunteer stories?
It can be as simple as having a camera (iPhone, Flipcam). You don’t need a video studio.
It can be as simple as writing an inspiring story down -- in just a few sentences. It doesn’t have to be a book.
It can be as simple as a photo.
It doesn’t have to be a huge production.
External – others creating content about your org

Partner Podcast
News Clip
Short Event Blog
Re-promoted when flu info is relevant again

Jamie Lee Jacobsen
Spyder Trap, Lead Project Manager
The nuts & bolts
Your blog can use existing content rewritten in a blog-friendly format.
It’s your nonprofit’s voice and your newsroom.
Blogs can be...
Blogs can be...
FMSC provides a deeply meaningful service opportunity for Sunday School classes, confirmation classes, mission programs, and intergenerational fellowship groups. In a uniquely experiential and fun way, the FMSC volunteer experience engages hearts, hands, and minds for Christ, and fulfills the need of the giver to give. Recognizing the community-building impact of partnership with FMSC, many churches identify FMSC as a staple ministry, incorporating volunteering and fundraising into the life of the church on a regular basis. Some churches link FMSC with their other mission activities by designating meals they pack for a specific country or mission program, or by delivering FMSC meals during mission trips to places their church supports. The FMSC approach offers a powerful opportunity for disciples of Christ to share the love of Christ and to see first hand the difference FMSC volunteers make in response to Christ’s call to feed His starving children.
Blogs can use...
Content from your annual report
Blogs can use...
A story in your enewsletter to launch a discussion
Blogs can use...
An email exchange with a donor or volunteer
Joel Barker
Backpack Tactics, President
Jamie Lee Jacobsen
Spyder Trap, Lead Project Manager
Blogging: Be the Storyteller for Your Nonprofit
Connect with us on Twitter
Annual Report
expand on in blog & track reader's interest
Expand on progress
Highlight funding opportunities
Preview year's activities
Give a "teaser" to this story, and move the "meat" to your blog
Use a "click here to continue reading" link
Hi Nick,

Thanks for your email about your volunteer experience at our event last Friday. We are so happy you were able to join us, thank you for all your support!

Would you be willing to write a brief (1/2 page) email back to me about your experience at our event? We would like to share stories like this on our blog.

Let me know. Thank you,

Yeah, I can do that.

I attended the Foundation Gala this last Saturday. I left that evening feeling so energized by the huge impact this organization is having in our community. I am so touched by amazing things they are accomplishing with my donation money...
Your Organization's Leadership
Your Organization's Volunteers
Your Organization's Constituants
Your amazing employees
Point Person = Blog Editor or Coordinator
Chances are you are probably that person!
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