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The Neritic Zone and Open Ocean

No description

Alicia Krause

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Neritic Zone and Open Ocean

The Neritic Zone and Open Ocean
By Brownyn Silk and Alicia Krause
Moorish Idol
The Neritic Zone
The neritic zone is the part of the ocean that extends from the low-tide line out to the edge of the continental shelf, and beyond the edge of the continental shelf lies the open ocean-zone.
Varies on location
Low water pressure
Well-oxygenated water
Receives sunlight
Nice stable temperature
Stable salt levels/amounts
Home to many species of marine animals
Some Animals and Plants of the Neritic Zone
Sea Grass
Sea Turtles
Most common form of plant life in the ocean
Base of aquatic food webs
Conditions in the Deep and Surface Zones
Coral Reefs
Surface Zone
Warm top layer of the ocean
Extends 400m below sea level
Mixes heated water with cooler water
Where most currents, winds, and waves occur
Sharks, plankton, tropical fish etc. live there
Small teeth
Deep Zone
Starts at depths of about 800 m below the surface
Bottom layer of the ocean
Temperature ranges from 1-3 degrees Celsius
Extends from the base of the thermocline to the bottom of the ocean
Animals have large fanglike teeth
Most animals produce their own light, called luminescence
A coral reef is a community of living things. Plants, Fish, and other creatures live here.
What Animals do You Find There?
Built by animals called coral polyps, they have a hard exoskeleton. When they die, their exoskeleton builds up making coral.
Sea Anemone
Clown Fish
And Many More Animals
Play-Doh Demo
1. The is part of the ocean that extends from the low-tide line out to the edge of the continental shelf, and beyond the edge of the continental shelf lies the
neritic zone
open ocean-zone.
2. Name 3 animals or plants that live in the neritic zone that were mentioned in the presontation.
Answers: Dolphins, plankton, kelp, coral, sea grass, and sea turtles.
3. Which zone has animals that have long fang-like teeth for catching prey?
Answer: The deep zone
4. From what animal is coral made from?

coral polyps
5. Name 3 animals that live in and around coral reefs.
Answer: Sharks, plankton, clown fish, lamprey, shrimp, coral, sea anemone.
Candy to the ones who participate!!!
There are many zones in the ocean and that coral reefs are living organisms made up by coral polyps.
Coral Cupcakes
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