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Road Map Project

No description

Julianne Chute

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Road Map Project

Where have you been?
I have resided in Georgia for the entirety of my life, and I have gone to Lewis Elementary, Awtrey Middle School, and Allatoona High School for schooling. I have been to Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, and Michigan. I have also been to Canada as the majority of my family lives there, and I have been to the provinces Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI.
Where are you now?
I’m currently still in Kennesaw, Georgia. I also have my friend Emma, who goes to North Cobb now, and we hang out when we can. I currently don’t have a job, but that’s because I’m often too busy with rifle team. I’m on the Allatoona Precision Air Rifle team, and we have won the Area 7 Championships multiple times in a row. We’re not really focused on solely winning though, more about developing our own skills, which I appreciate. I also go to a local manga club, although we don't really talk about manga at all. I've made many friends through it, we meet every week and we go to conventions together!

Where will you be?
In the future, I want to go to an art college to study animation, as I’ve always enjoyed drawing characters and I enjoy animating in general. As for a family, I’m not too keen on that, but I’ll see what the future brings me. I’d also like to stay in Atlanta for animation if that’s possible, but if I have the chance to go to California or any other big animation area I’ll jump on it. I enjoy traveling, and I wouldn’t mind living in another state/country/continent, even for a little bit.

Thank you
Thank you for listening!
Where did it begin?
I was born on February 19th, 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia. I have lived with my mother and father in Kennesaw for the entirety of my life. I also have one sister named Lindsay, who is currently attending Georgia Southern for a degree in special needs education. I developed pretty typically, and I started speaking about the age of 1-2. My first clear memories were at the age of 5 in Pre-K.
Emotionally I started out as a relatively happy child in elementary school. Once I got to middle school, all my friends had gone to Durham or kinda... stopped talking to me, and I became depressed for awhile. I had no friends for a year, until I met my best friend Emma. Middle school was still awful, but it was better after I started hanging out with her and her friends. We're still friends to this day, even though we go to different schools!
The Road Map of my life (so far)
I was recently diagnosed with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) in 2015, which for me was actually a good thing. OCD has affected every part of my life, from school to my social life, and I've had it since I was in elementary school. Although it's caused me a lot of stress and worry over the years, I'm happy I finally can treat it. Originally I was afraid it would affect my creativity, but that's a bunch of garbage and I've felt way better since i've gotten treatment. I'm happy that one day it will only be a small nuisance in my life.
Me and Alzheimer's
My grandmother currently has dementia, a multitude of conditions from Alzheimer's that causes her to forget many things and not be able to take care of herself. Her condition has heavily impacted my family, as my mother must travel up to Canada multiple times a year to visit her in her nursing home. Although her condition does make me sad sometimes, I'm happy she's in a place that will take care of her, and she's with people in a similar condition to talk to.
Me and my Grandma
by Julianne Chute
EMOTIONS (and the such)
Emotionally I've been pretty okay. I've definitely calmed down from middle school (or become less depressed, give or take) and I feel more content with myself. I still get depressed sometimes, but I after awhile it just kind of stops. Overall, I'm just pretty neutral right now.
From left to right:
Snoop Dogfish, Kanyu West, Nicki Minnow, Mackerelmore
Not Pictured:
Zoro the Marimo
Multiple Snails
EMOTIONS (and the such)
A normal day on rifle team
Me and Yariza (from manga club)
modern day Emma and me in the wild (of dragoncon)
me (being cool...ish)
Me at the Canadian Potato Museum in PEI, so far the best smelling museum i've been to (smells like french fries).
Emma in her natural habitat
Me + Mom + Lindsay
Lindsay & Dad & Me
Mom and Dad
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