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Presentation for English Advanced

Presentation about the great narrator David Attenborough

Maarten Borsten

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Presentation for English Advanced

Presentation English Advanced about pronunciation. Sir David Frederick
Attenborough (1926)
The work that inspired me
A clip about the vampyroteuthis or
"the vampire squid from hell" What he does?
Building suspension
Arouse the spectator
Incredible Calmness
Fascination & Passion
Remarkable Intonation Pronunciation

"Pronunciation respelling is a type of notation system used to convey the pronunciation of words, in a language which doesn't have a phonemic orthography (such as English)"
Pronunciation examples
math·e·ma·ti·cian --> math-uh-muh-tish-uh
par·tic·u·lar --> per-tik-yuh-ler
a·nath·e·ma --> uh-nath-uh-muh
o·cea·nog·ra·phy --> oh-shuh-nog-ruh-fee
ex·traor·di·nar·y --> ik-strawr-dn-er-ee

International Phonetic Alphabet
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