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Once and Future King to X2

No description

Chris Kelley

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Once and Future King to X2

Double click anywhere & add an idea Once and Future King
to.... Theme A person grows only in so
far as he or she must face a
crisis of confidence or identity. Motif Education. Love. Power. Education "The best thing for being sad is to learn something. That's the thing that never fails."

Love "Now, in their love, which was
stronger, there were seeds of hatred and fear and confusion
growing at the same time: for love can exist with hatred, each preying on the other, and this is what gives it its greatest fury." Power ""Power is of the individual mind, but the mind's power is not enough. Power of the body decides everything in the end, and only Might is Right. " Education is a reoccurring idea throughout both X2 and The Once and Future King. In the Once and Future King, Merlyn teaches Arthur, who is then called Wart. He is being taught to become a leader. He is building his future identity, and growing and becoming a man. Merlyn is building Wart up into a man, by teaching him how to be a leader who is respected and loved by his subjects. He gives Wart a hands-on experience of learning, where Wart is put into different situations, and he is given the first-hand experince on the way to deal with different problems, and how to recognize the problems of a society. Because of these tests of confidence, and the building of his identity, Wart grew to become the once, and future, king, where he will always be known as a great king, long after his death. The lessons that are taught to Wart as a child, never leave him, even as one of the greatest kings that the contry of England had ever seen.
In X Men 2, the entire movie centers around the school for mutants, and the reaction to the attack of the school. Here, Logan learn of his past as a X man. He learns that he once was the thing he is now fighting against, in front of his creator, Willaim Stryker. He fights his past identity, and grows stronger and more indepentent by doing so. Nightcrawler is faced with the problem of hiding from others, and is afraid of his own identity. He grows from this experience when he learns from Mystique that he does not have to always stay in hiding. He learns a lesson from Storm, to believe in himself, when they are entering Charles Xavier's mind room. He continues to grow after these experinces, and becomes stronger through these, for otherwise he would never learn these precious ideas. Education Connection Love is an extreemely complicated thing, in which I believe that there is no realy definition nor an explanation for the word. I believe that T.H. White had only a vague idea of the meaning of it, because he decribes women as shallow, and only exlains one side of the story, the man's, while pushing the woman's insight off as "difficult to imagine". All three people who were involved in the love triangle of The Once and Future King, Lancelot, Arthur, and Guenever. Each grows in their own way. Lancelot was the most afflicted from this love triangle. His passionate love for Guenever was only yeilded by his humbleness and his low self esteem. His low self esteem comes from his lack of phsical attraction, but it leads to him doing great things as the most valued member of Arthur's Round Table. Love exists along with hatred in that Lancelot loves Guenever, but hates himself and does not have enough faith in himself. These conflicting emotions make him love Guenever more, and grow and become stronger. Arthur is a prime example of living with both love and hatred. He loves Guenever, and no matter what she does to him, he cannot bring himself to hate her. Guenever loves both of these men, and is growing and changing as the problems with the both of them evolve.
The love triangle in X2 consists of Wolverine, Cyclops, and Dr Jean Grey. The doctor is more attracted to Wolverine, but still loves Cyclops.This reflects the living with both love and hatred by Wolverine and Cyclops comprting for the love of Dr Jean Grey, and Wolverine exerting his dominance by using Cyclops' car without permission.
Love Connection Power Connection Power of the individual's mind controls the individual, while brute force controls many. This quote of might versus right stays with Arthur all through out his rule as a king. While he is talking to the king pike of the moat surrounding his castle, he realizes the prooblems with a government that is not just and fair to all of its subjects. Wart is exposed to the ideals behind the philosophy of a government. Wart realizes that, in order to be a good ruler, that he must excercise reason and practice good judgement. He is questioning his confidence in his future leadership, and this confrontation with the pike of the river changes the way that he sees himself, and changes the way that Wart is going to rule his nation of England when he is crowned king.
Logan realizes very quickly that might does not always equal right. He realizes that the humans are trying to eliminate the mutants, simply because they are different from eachother, and humans are a larger population, so therefor they have the right to exterminate the mutants. Logan faces his maker when the humans overtake the school, when he runs into Stryker. Here, Logan learns some of his past, and because of this confrontation with his identity, he changes and becomes stronger in his desire to gain freedom for the mutants. END!
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