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The First Fleet

No description

harriet shaw

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of The First Fleet

The First Fleet
By Harriet Shaw

A map!
This is a map of the journey that the First Fleet took to get to New Holland which is now know to be Australia.
Britain in the 1700's
Britain in the 1700's was one on the richest and most powerful countries in the world. England and Scotland had joined together to make Great Britain. Also Great Britain had the biggest navy and big battleships.
The First Fleet arrives in Australia.
When the First Fleet arrived in Australia it affected the aborigines a lot because they were the ones living there and the British took over that land. The British did cruel thing taking over their treasured land.
Joseph Shaw was a convict. He was sentenced to 7 years and he rode on the Alexander in the First Fleet with hundreds of thousands of people! Joseph Shaw was from Stafford.
Hannah Smith was also a convict in the first fleet. She sailed on the Charlotte and she was from Winchester. She was convicted for stealing clothing that was worth 7 shillings.
Captain James Cook
Captain James Cook was on the ship in the First Fleet that had all of the Captains and other governors people on it.
This is a photo of Captain James Cook with a map
First Fleet
When Captian Cook landed in Australia he said the it was Terrea Nullis meaning that there wasn't many people there and the people that were there didn't have real homes.
Captain Phillip
This is Captain Arthur Phillip who said something much different to Captain cook when he sailed to Australia
Australia was chosen for settlement so all of the indigenous people were forced to give up there farm land so that the British could use it. If they didn't give it up straight away then the british would make them.
Life In The Early Colony
Life in the early colony was hard because they had to face lots of challenges because they couldn't get their crops to grow and Captain Arthur Phillip had to send a ship to Indonesia to get supplies for the British in Australia.
Captain John Hunter
Captain John Hunter became a Gonvoner on the 11 September 1795 to 27th of September 1800 and he was an officer in the Royal Navy. Both a sailor and a scholar he explored the Parramatta River as early as 1788 and was the first to surmise that Tasmania might be island.
Captain Phillip King
Captain Phillip King became a Captain on the 28th of September 1800 to 12th of August 1806. He was the Third Governor and did much to civilize the young colony in the face of great obscures.
Captain William Bligh
Lachlan Macquarie
Lachlan Macquuarie was captain on the 1st of January 1810 and was not a captain on the 1st of December 1821.
Sir Thomas Brisbane
sir Thomas Brisbane became a gonver on the 1st of December 1821 and someone else took his place on the 1st of December 1825. Sir Thomas Brisbane built the Australia's first observatory
Sir Ralph Darling
Sir Ralph Darling became an officer on the 19th of December 1825 and someone else took this marvelous place on the 21st of October 1831
Free Settlers
After the convicts had served their sentence, people gave them pieces of land that was cleared and were ready for farming. They build good farms and we see them today.
The Alexander
This ship, the Alexander was the largest ship in the Fleet weighing 453 tones, 114 feet long and 31 feet wide.
The Charlotte
This ship, called the Charlotte held 88 male convicts and only 20 female convicts. This was the most dangerous ship on their voyage
The Scarborough
This ship is called the Scarborough and it weighed 430 tones, it was built in England in 1782 and it master was John Marshall.
The Lady Penrhyn
The Lady Penrhyn was a three mastered vessel. It weighed 338 tones and it was built in 1786 on the river Thames by Edward Greaves.
Prince Of Wales
The Price Of Wales weighed 350, 103 Feet long and 29 feet wide.
The Borrowdale
The Borrrdale's commander was Captain Hobson Reed. This ship had 4 guns installed for protection and it was built in 1785, 2 years before it's trip to Botney Bay in 1787. This ship was a store ship in the First Fleet.
The Supply.
The Supply was built by Benjamin Slade in 1759. This ship waited 24 years before it sailed and it weighed 168 tones.
The Golden Grove
The Golden Grove was built in Whitby in 1780. It weighed 131 tones and it was under the command of Master William Sharp. This ship was a store ship in the First Fleet.
The Fishburn
The Fishburn was the largest store ship out of the Golden Grove and the Borrowdale at 378 tones. The Commander on the Fishburn was Master Robert Brown.
Captain William Bligh became a Captain on the 13th of August 1806 and was not a captain on the 26th of January 1808. In the first fleet he was on the ship full of other Captains like Captain John Hunter.
Early explores
There were 3 early explores, Balxland, Wentworth and Lawson. These were the people that crossed the Blue Mountains. Lots of people had tried to cross them but they had been stopped by big rocky walls.
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