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Copy of Pencil

Where Challenge Project: Where on Earth did a Pencil Come From?

Sarah Satira

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pencil

Our nice teacher - Mrs.Lorenz has given us a new project to do! The first reaction of most of my classmates are :”Oh Man! Not another science project!” But I enjoy learning about science, so I thought deeply about what I’ll choose.
What is the most important thing I need? My first idea that came to mind was “food”, but you can get every ingredient simply from a cook book! Well, how about money? But I can't really relate my self to it because it isn't something that I often use. So I asked my self, where do I usually go? School! What is the important thing I need? An eye to watch, a ear to listen , and a pencil to write! Can you imagine how hard school would be with out a pencil? This could lower your grades! And would you want to ask someone for a pencil everyday? If you are thinking:”why can’t you use a pen?” Well, if you have done something wrong on a project or homework, crossing it out ? What if your teacher is someone BIG on neatness? So that’s it! Why don’t I choose a pencil!
I have invited peter my old friend, to tell you all you have to know about pencil! WHERE On Earth Did A Pencil
Come From? Where Challenge
2013 Me Peter's House What Are The Parts Of A Pencil? I’m glad you asked! Pencils are made of 4 main parts: the lead; the wooden body; the ferrule and the eraser. Each is made up of different renewable or non-renewable elements. Wood Body:Incense Cedar Eraser: Rubber, Pumice
and Sulfur Mixture Lead: Graphite
and Clay Mixture Ferrule:
Aluminum What’s the difference between a
renewable and non-renewable resource? A renewable resource is simply a natural resource that can be used continuously and will replenish itself over time (usually within a human lifespan), like wood, water or sunlight.
A non-renewable resource is a resource that exists in a fixed amount and is usually used up before it can be replenished, which takes hundreds of years, like coal and oil. #1 Materials In A Pencil - Lead Believe it or not, the "Lead" isn't really made out of lead, it's made from a GRAPHITE and CLAY mixture.
Graphite is one of the two crystal forms of Carbon (C) It is formed under the intense heat and pressure of coal and limestone. Which make graphite a "Metamorphic Rock".
Graphite is mined by underground mining and quarrying on the surface of the earth, depending on how deep in the crust the graphite is found. During the "Lead-making" process, clay is added to the graphite as a bonding agent, in order for the graphite to stick together. Also, Graphite is a Non-renewable element. Where Did Graphite Come From? Ottawa, Bissett creek mine Borrow
dale Mine, United Kingdom Brazil China Materials In A Pencil - Wood The main type of wood used for pencils is called INCENSE CEDAR. This type of wood grows mainly in southern Oregon and the Sierra-Nevada mountains in California. This particular tree is used for pencils because it can go through extreme conditions without breaking. Also, it’s physical structure allows it to be finely crafted and has an incredibly smooth surface and excellent “sharpenability” when finished. Incense Cedar trees replenish quickly and in any spot in the forest it came from. Where did Incense Cedar came from? Southern Oregon Northern
California *Wood is an Renewable Material Materials In A Pencil - Aluminum The ferrule, (the little silver part that holds the eraser) is mainly made of ALUMINUM.
Aluminum is an abundant metallic metal that has been around for centuries. It is extremely malleable and can be pounded into thin sheets easily. Aluminum can conduct electricity easily, not magnetic, and it's never found free in nature. Aluminum is commonly found in BAUXITE ORE and is extracted by using the Hall-Heroult method of smelting. Bauxite ore is formed when silica is washed away from rocks containing aluminum. bauxite ore is mined in open-pit mines, and is then taken to a plant to be processed into aluminum. Where Did Aluminum Come From? Seydişehir mine, Konya Province, Turkey Dobreti mine, Bihor County, Romania Niki mine, Niki Municipality, Montenegro Parts Of A Pencil - Eraser The eraser is mainly made of a RUBBER, SULFUR and PUMICE mixture, along with other various ingredients.
Rubber is produced by collecting "latex" from different kinds of plants. This process is done by cutting a slit into the trunk of a tree (usually Hervea Brasilienesis) letting the latex sap drip and collect in a bucket. This is called "tapping" the tree. The latex is then mixed with other chemicals and is heated to produce the rubber.
Sulfur is a non-metallic element that can be found freely in nature. It is added to erasers because it allows the rubber to become stronger and more heat resistant.
Pumice is a volcanic rock filled with air bubbles that's so light it's possible to float on water. It is formed when lava containing a lot of gas and water is pushed out of the volcano. As it cools, the gas and water evaporate, leaving tiny air pockets in it’s place. Pumice is added to erasers because it makes them more abrasive and allows the words that are being erased to rub off easier. Where Is Rubber Produced Where Is *Rubber Produced? Canada Thailand Vietnam *Rubber
is a Renewable material. Where Does Sulfur Come From? James Lake Mine, Northeastern Ontario, Canada Milestone Mine, Northeastern Ontario, Canada Indonesia Where did Pumice come from? Lipari Acquacalda Pumice Mine, Italy Chile Unite States So there you have it! All you need to know about me (pencil)! See you next time when I talk to you more about my friend - Paper. GOOD BYE! Bibliography http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/1998-11/911281031.Ch.r.html
http://sam.davyson.com/as/physics/aluminium/siteus/extraction.html http://www.mapsofworld.com/minerals/world-graphite-producers.html
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Lipari_Acquacalda_Pumice_Mine.jpg Hello, my name's Peta, the pencil man. There isn’t anything that excites me more than a pencil does. Ever since when I was young, I wanted to learn everything there is to possibly know about this beautiful object with a pointy end, how exciting! Maybe you would like to know something about it too! Today's your lucky day, I have put together this presentation in my factory to tell you all you need to know about that pencil in your hand!

Why don’t you join my trip to the factory... Wait! before
you enter, you must know the differences between
Renewable and Nonrenewable source! Student's Evaluation 2nd Semester, S.Y. 2012-2013 xgcxfgxgfvbcvcvb
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