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Rizza Samson

on 29 April 2013

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Budapest San
Francisco STUDENT DIVERSITY Prepared by Rizza C. Samson EVERY ONE IS UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES Factors that Bring about Student Diversity

In all learning environments, individuals interact with other who are in some way different from them. Recall how these differences were shown in your class tally – gender, and racial, ethnic, or cultural background (nationality, province, language.) This diversity also comes from other factors like the following: 1.) Socioeconomic status- the millionaires lifestyle differs from that of the middle income or lower income group. 2.) Thinking/learning style- some of you learn better by seeing something; others by just listening; and still others by manipulating something. 3.) Exceptionalities- in class there maybe one who has difficulty in spoken language comprehension or in seeing, hearing, etc.
A teacher may be challenged to handles a class with students so diverse. There may be students having different cultural background, different abilities, different attitudes and behavior.

- Some teachers might see this diversity as a difficult predicament, really hassle!

- Some teachers may see a diverse classroom as an exciting place to learn not just for students, but for her as well.

- Some teachers may choose to respect and celebrate diversity Brief: 1. 2. 4. 3. How Student Diversity Enriches the Learning Environment RUSSIA Student's self awareness is enhanced by diversity. Exposing students to others with diverse backgrounds and experiences also serves to help students focus on their awareness of themselves. (when they see others are different) Student diversity prepares learners for their role as responsible members of the society.
Suzanne Morse
The classroom can provide more than just theory given by the teacher in a lecture. With student diversity, the classroom becomes a public place where community can be practiced. Student diversity contributes to cognitive development. The opportunity to gain access to the perspectives of peers and to learn from other students, rather than the instructor only, may be especially important promoting the cognitive development of the learners.

Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan – The Classroom is peculiarly the marketplace of ideas

Student diversity in the classroom brings out different points of view and varied approaches to the learning process. Student diversity can promote harmony. When the student diversity is integrated into the classroom teaching and learning process, it can become a vehicle for promoting harmonious race relations Philippines China 4. 3. 5. 2. 1. Some Tips on Student Diversity 1. Encourage learners to share their personal history and experiences. (Common and differ) Integrate learning experiences and activities which promote students' multicultural and cross-cultural awareness.

-co curricular experiences are aimed at promoting diversity awareness (Linggo ng Wika)

- let students interview other students on campus (foreign students, ethnic groups)

- Let students visit foreign countries and talk to natives of those countries. (internet discussion)

- let them share experiences (personal target of discrimination) 3. Aside from highlighting diversity, identify patterns of unity that transcend group differences.

Clyde Kluckholn – Early American Anthropologist

A. Every human is , at the same time like all other humans, like some humans, and like no other human.

B. We are all the same in different ways

C. Promote Unity along with diversity, is to stress the universality 4. Communicate high expectations to students from all sub-groups.

- Consciously calling on them in class, other strategies for “drawing in”

A. Assigning them the role of the reporter in small group discussions

B. engaged them in paired discussions

C. Learn the names of your students, especially the foreign names (build personal rapport) Use varied instructional methods to accommodate student diversity in learning styles.

A. Sensory Modalities – Orally, in print, diagrammatic, and pictorial presentations, hands on experience

B. Student Centered (class discussion) vs Teacher centered (lectures)

C. Unstructured (trial and error discovery learning) and structured (step by step instructions)

D. Independent learning (individual presentation) and interdependent (collaborative) Mongolia Kazakhstan India Greenland Canada USA Brazil 6. Vary the examples you use to illustrate concepts in order to provide multiple contexts that are relevant
to students from diverse backgrounds.
A. Complete personal information cards – use the information’s to select examples
B. use ideas, comments and questions that students raise in the class
C. ask students to provide their own examples
D. have students concepts by placing them in a situation that is relevant to their lives 7. Adapt to the students' diverse backgrounds and learning styles by allowing them personal choice and decision-making opportunities concerning what they will learn and how they will learn it.
- giving the learner more decision making opportunity with respect to learning tasks
(Lesser teacher intervention)
They tend to experience less anxiety or stress while performing that task - 8. Diversify your methods of assessing and evaluating student learning.

They can demonstrate their learning in a variety of other of performance formats

- Collages, Exhibits, dramatic vignettes, video tape 9. Purposely, form small-discussion from diverse backgrounds. You can form groups of students with different learning styles, different cultural background and etc.
- promoting a more advanced stage of cognitive development
Student Diversity Activity Think of a slogan that celebrates diversity in the classroom. Maker posters and have a Student Diversity Day Poster Exhibit
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