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Jazmyn Ch.6, Sec.1-2

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Jazmyn Zuchel

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Jazmyn Ch.6, Sec.1-2

Jazmyn Ch.6, Sec.1-2
Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?
The primary author for the Declaration of Independence was Thomas Jefferson.
Who was the author of Common Sense? What was the effect of the pamphlet on colonial thought?
The author of Common Sence was Thomas Paine. The effect of the pamphlet on colonial thought was that it turned colonists toward Independence.
Who popularized the War for Indepdence?
The influence of preachers popularized the War for Independence.
Give one reason Loyalists supported the Crown.
Loyalists supported the Crown because they were afraid to rebel against it.
Section 2
How many colonists were patriots during the war?

There were about one-third to one-half of Patriots.

Why do you think the British saw the colonies' actions as rebellious? From their point of view,do you think they were right to send more troops?
The king expected absolute submission and control over the colonies and the colonists didn't agree and didn't do it. They were right to send more troops to America because they wanted to force contol in the colonies.
What were the colonists called who favored the British cause?
The colonists that favored the British cause were called Loyalists.
What name was given to the merecenaries serving with the British force? Why were they called that?
The name that was given to the merecenaries serving with the British force was Hessians and they were called that because they mostly came from the German region.
What name was given to the petition the Second Continental Congress sent to the king? What was the king's response?
The petition was called the Olive Branch Petition, and the king sent troops to take away the colonies' army supply.
What two commanders led their men in the strategic capture of the British forts, Ticonderoga and Crown Point?
The two commanders were named Benedict Arnold, and Ethan Allen.
Why did the colonists believe they were preserving liberty for the world?
The colonists believed that they were following English liberties and by winning, England could keep their liberties pure by separating from England, and they would have a pure government.
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