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Slopes and Linear Equations

my project in Mrs. eveans pre algebra class

pink panther

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Slopes and Linear Equations

Slopes and Linear Equations First we'll start with something a lil bit easier. How about Scatter Plot A scatter Plot is a graph that shows the relationship between two sets of data. Sometimes, its to determine wether a relationship exists between two sets of data by simply looking at them. To determine wether a relationship exists, you can write the data as a set of ordered pairs and then graph the ordered pairs on a coordinate system. Slopes Slope describes the steepness of a line. It also is the ratio of the rise, or the vertical change, to the run, or the horizontal change. The formula for finding the slope of a line using (x, y) and (x, y) rise _____ run m= = y - y ________ x - x m= Linear Equations There are many different methods for writing linear equations. If you know the slope and y-intercept, you can write the equation of a line by susbstituting these values in y=mx+b. you can also write an equation for a line if you know the coordinates of two points on a line
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