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How to write a Haiku

not finished

Theresa Stadermann

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of How to write a Haiku

Let's structure our ideas
Our Haiku:
For Example:

1. line - wide snowy landscape
2. line - fun with friends snowball fighting
3. line - the sun comes out warm
1. You need a theme.
How to write a Haiku
a little help for your
5. Collect your ideas

Haiku poems typically focus on nature.
3. Keep it simple.
Focus on one specific
moment in time.
4. Let's practice with the theme of season.
For example, the winter.
6. If you have your topic,
think about how you feel about it
and write it down.
8. For our winter theme we can note words like
snow, dark, grew sky, short days, skiing, sledding
and so on.
Decide, what kind of atmosphere
you like to deliver. Your Haiku is an image that shows a specific moment that caught your attention, made you feel happy or sad or made you laugh.

What is a Haiku?
A Haiku is a Japanese poetic form.
It uses only just a few words to capture
a moment.Traditionally it uses a theme of
It is like a tiny window into a
scene much larger than itself.
A Haiku is written in three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line,
and five syllables in the third line.
Sometimes English Haiku differ from that rule, because
English is very different from Japanese. English Haiku
therefore often times have less syllables.
line 1 (picture of nature)
line 2 (more detail)
line 3 (what do you feel or something else that happens)
Of course, you don't have to do it
like that, it is just an example!
1. line - five syllables
2. line - seven
3. line - again five
wide snowy landscape
fun with friends snowball fighting
the sun comes out warm
another example:

apples on the tree
laugh at me deliciously

calling me to eat
What kind of atmosphere shows in this Haiku?

grassy hill top soft
thoughts are dreamy illusions
time does not matter
You see that Haiku can be very diverse depending
on what atmosphere you like to create and what theme
you choose for your Haiku.
tiny worm wriggles
through the juicy apple
now in my hand
Now try it yourfself -
and have fun!
notice that I used less syllables in this Haiku.
A Haiku should be read in one breath.
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