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PEAL - Point // Evidence // Analysis // Link

This prezi explains how to use PEAL in your critical essay paragraphs.

Mr Gibb

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of PEAL - Point // Evidence // Analysis // Link

Point // Evidence // Analysis // Link
A critical essay is a piece of writing
which answers a question about literature.

It should display a critical understanding of the text, the techniques the writer has used to create it, analysis and a personal response to the task.

It isn't anywhere as difficult as you may think it is ;)
Critical Essay Writing
Very important part of essay
ALWAYS mention the TITLE and AUTHOR in your introduction.
Rephrase the question, in your own words to show you are engaging with it.
An examiner will have an idea what grade the paper is likely to get after reading the introduction only.
Grab your reader's attention.
Briefly mention the THREE main points that you are going to develop in your essay.
Make the reader want to continue reading!
Main Body - PEAL
Sums up what you have discussed in your essay.
Recaps your main points.
You should always offer your own opinion when writing your conclusion; give a personal response to how you enjoyed it...
DO NOT say "I liked this poem because..."; try to use more complex language.
Remember, you can say if you think something has been ineffective!
Make sure that you PROOF READ you work BEFORE handing it in!!
Make sure that it all makes sense.
Make sure that EACH PARAGRAPH begins with a topic sentence.
Make sure your paragraphs are linked together.
Make sure you have followed all the previous steps and done your best!
Final steps...

Where you introduce your reader to what the rest of your essay is going to be about.

The body should be made out of about three MAIN points, using PEAL to structure your paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain a point, evidence, analysis and link.

The final part of your essay, which recaps your main points and offers some personal opinion. No new ideas introduced here.
Essay Structure
Each point should help to answer the essay question.
You should be able to sum up your point in your topic sentence.
No more than two sentences long.
If your point isn't relevant or linked to the question, then it's not worth putting in the essay as you'll get NO marks for it.
Topic Sentence
The first line of each paragraph.
Should be the point you are making, summed up in one sentence.
No more than two.
Reader should be able to read it and be able to understand what the rest of the paragraph is going to be about.
This should almost always be a "quote."
Always quote parts of sentences or sentences which words you have not written.
No more than one, two if you have to, sentences should be quoted.
Your evidence MUST be RELEVANT to the question and link with it.
It should help to prove the point you are making; it should be an example which backs up your point.
If it doesn't DON'T quote it - you could lose marks!
Analysis is when you ANALYSE the point you are making.
You should also make sure that you also use the quote to back up what you're saying in your point.
Think about what the quote SUGGESTS and explain how it proves your point.
You should develop your point in most depth during your analysis.
When you analyse something, you are breaking your point down into parts and thinking about the different meanings it may have to back up your analysis.
This part of your paragraph should LINK back to the original question. This makes it clear to yourself and your reader what you are talking about and makes sure it is RELEVANT to the question.

The first line of the next paragraph should also Link to your final linking sentence of the previous one.
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