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My Hero Jesus Christ

No description

melvey roy

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of My Hero Jesus Christ

by:melvey roy The Path of Jesus Christ their was a girl named Mary who married a
carpenter named Joseph,a angel visited Mary and said"Greetings. The Lord is with you!" the angel said. "You will have a son and you will name him Jesus." Mary was so surprised. Mary knew that God had sent the angel to her. "How can this happen?" Mary asked. The angel answered, "The Holy Spirit will make this happen. Your child will be the son of God."
"Let it be done to me as God wishes," Mary said. Jesus turned water into wine A Parade for Jesus Jesus Walks on the Water Jesus Heals a Deaf Man Let the Children Come to Me Where is Jesus? background about Christianity in christianity there are diffrint the start of our journey In Christianity there are different denominations like Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Assyrian Church of the East,Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans or Baptists,Fundamentalist Christianity, Pietism, Evangelicalism,protestant and Pentecostal there are many more but i just listed a few. just so you know I'm Pentecostal, all of Christianity believes in the trinity the father,son and holy spirit.the father which is god,the son which is Jesus and the holy spirit which is something you receive when you get filled in the spirit, the evidence of receiving the holy spirit is speaking in tongues, its like another language between you and god which know one can understand except god, when you speak in tongues you are saying unknown blessings that you will receive in your life .
(all religions believe in what they want to believe but this is what i believe and this is where my faith is please do not get offended as I am not offended of what other religions believe) My Hero Jesus Christ Mary visits Elizabeth Elizabeth was Mary's cousin.
Elizabeth was married to Zacharias.
They were very old people.
God had promised Zacharias a son.
The angel told Mary the wonderful news of her cousin, "Soon Elizabeth will have a son."
Mary made the long journey to visit her cousin.
When Mary arrived, she didn't have to tell Elizabeth her news.Elizabeth said to her, "You are blessed among women and blessed is the child you will have. I am honored that the mother of my Lord visits me."
Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months.
She helped her in anyway she could.
She cooked and cleaned and worked very hard. Jesus is born!!! Jesus was born
In those days, the emperor wanted to count all the people that he ruled.He ordered everybody to return to where they were born.Joseph and Mary had to return to Bethlehem.It took them nearly a week to travel there.When Mary and Joseph arrived, they saw people everywhere.People were camped in the streets and beside the road.Mary was tired.They found a cave. The people kept their animals inside that cave. Since they kept the animals in the cave, they called it a stable.Joseph said to Mary, "Let's go into the stable. We can make a bed on the straw. It's better than sleeping outside."They went to the stable so Mary could rest and Joseph made her a nice bed using the straw.That night, Mary's baby was born.Mary wrapped him in and long strips of cloth to keep him warm.She made a bed for him in a manger full of straw. Mary and Joseph were very happy.
Mary and Joseph named him Jesus as the angel had said. Jesus was a good boy and he never caused his parents one bit of worry.Jesus grew up.Now he was a man.Mary and Jesus were invited to a wedding.After the wedding, there was a big party.In the middle of the party, they ran out of wine.Mary told Jesus what happened.Then she said to the servants, "Do what ever Jesus tells you."Nearby there were 6 great big jugs.Jesus said to the servants, "Fill the jugs with water."The servants did as he said and filled them to the brim."Now dip some out and take it to the man in charge of the party," Jesus said.Again, the servants did as Jesus asked.When the man tasted what the servants brought him, he was amazed.He said, "You have kept the best wine for last!"This was Jesus' first miracle. Jesus Calms the Storm Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Boy "Let's cross the sea," Jesus said. Jesus was tired and wanted to sleep. The men with Jesus started sailing the boat across the sea. Then the wind started to blow really hard. Huge waves crashed against the little boat. Water poured over the sides, and the boat began to sink. Jesus was asleep. The men called out to him, "We're drowning. Help us!" Jesus got up. He saw the terrible wind and the huge waves. He raised his hand and said, "Peace! Be still!" Instantly, the wind stopped. The sea was calm. Jesus turned to the men and asked, "Why were you afraid? Where was your faith?" The men were amazed.

Jesus did lots of traveling. He would preach everywhere he would go. One day, he was in Capernaum. There was a boy that lived there that couldn't walk. His friends decided to take him to see Jesus. There were so many people in the house where Jesus was preaching, they couldn't get inside.
So they climbed to the top of the house and lowered their friend through a hole in the roof. Jesus saw the boy on a stretcher. He knew the boy couldn't walk.
Jesus said to the boy, "Get up and walk home."
The boy got up from his stretcher and ran through the crowd. Jesus performed another miracle! Jesus and Jairus' Daughter Jairus came running to Jesus and knelt down.
He said, "My only child is dying. If you will come to her, she will live." jesus started following Jairus.
A man came up to Jairus and said, "Sir, your daughter has died. There is no need for Jesus to come."
Jairus started crying. Jesus kept walking with him.
"Do not worry," Jesus said. When they got to Jairus's home, there were people standing all around crying.
"Why are you crying?" Jesus asked. "We are crying because Jairus's daughter died," they said. "She isn't dead. She is just sleeping," Jesus said. Jesus took the little girl's hand and said, "Little girl, get up." Jesus Feeds Many People

The people followed Jesus where ever he went.
They wanted to hear him preach. They wanted to see him heal people. One time when Jesus was preaching, a whole bunch of people were listening. The people listened so long they forgot to eat dinner.
A man came to Jesus and said, "Its time to eat. We don't have anything," he said. " We can only find two fish and five loaves of bread." "Bring them to me," Jesus said. Jesus gave thanks for the food, broke it and gave it to some people to give out. The people started giving out the food. The more they gave the more they had. There was more than enough for everyone. Jesus fed 5000 people with only two fish and five loaves of bread! Some friends of Jesus' were going to cross the water in their boat. Jesus wanted to join them but he also wanted to talk to some people before he left.
So he told his friends to go ahead without him.
Jesus stayed behind to visit with more people. His friends got into their boat and began to cross the water. His friends rowed the boat for a long time.
They were so tired. They stopped rowing and sat in their boat to rest. Were their eyes playing tricks on them? What did they see? They saw a man walking on the water! They didn't know what to think.
"Don't be afraid," Jesus said. IT WAS JESUS WALKING ON THE WATER! Jesus climbed into the boat with his friends and they crossed the water safely. The Blind Man Bartimaeus was blind. He lived in Jericho.
He sat by the side of the street and begged for money. One day he heard that Jesus was coming to Jericho Bartimaeus heard that Jesus had healed people. Bartimaeus could hear all the people moving about and asked why. "Jesus, is here!", someone said
It suddenly occurred to him to ask Jesus for healing.
"Jesus have mercy on me!" he shouted. The people told him to be quiet. He wouldn't be quiet. He shouted even louder. "Jesus, have mercy on me!"
Jesus stopped and told the people to have Bartimaeus come to him. He was so excited. Yes, Jesus would see him. "What is it you want me to do for you?" asked Jesus "Lord, let me receive my sight!" said Bartimaeus Jesus said to him, "Because you believe that I can do this for you, you shall see."
Bartimaeus could see! He hadn't been able to see before. The first thing he saw in his whole life was Jesus. Jesus Heals Ten Men In the old days, there was terrible disease called leprosy. People that had that disease could not live with their families because their families would get sick, too. One day, 10 men that had the disease asked Jesus to heal them. "Go to the priest and show him you have been healed," Jesus said. The men were so happy. They were healed. They all walked off to see the priest as Jesus had said. One of the men came back to Jesus. "Thank you, Jesus," the man said.
Jesus said to him, "Thank you for praising God that you have been healed." It was Passover. The biggest holiday of the year.
Jesus wanted to celebrate Passover in Jerusalem.
As he was riding into Jerusalem on his donkey, the people remembered who he was. They remembered that he healed the sick. They remembered that he had taught them. They were very excited to see Jesus. "Jesus is King," they said. They threw Palm branches in the road to make it beautiful for Jesus.
They were so happy Jesus was back. The Last Supper Jesus had followers. These followers were called apostles. Jesus and his apostles were eating dinner.
Jesus knew it was for the last time. Jesus knew what was going to happen but his apostles didn't. At dinner, Jesus took some bread, gave thanks for it, and he broke it. He gave it to his apostles and said, "This is my body." Jesus asked his apostles to do this in memory of him. After dinner was over he took the cup of wine. He gave thanks and handed it to his apostles. "Drink this. This is my blood which will be shed for you," Jesus said. Jesus promised the apostles that all sins would be forgiven. The apostles were confused. They didn't know what to think. Jesus said, "One of you sitting here at the table will betray me."
Peter said, "I would never do that!" Jesus looked at him and said, "Before the rooster crows you will say, three times, that you don't know me." Jesus Prays in the Garden Judas left dinner early. He was the one to betray Jesus. He went to tell where Jesus' enemies could find him. Jesus and his apostles went to the Garden. Jesus needed to pray. "Wait here," Jesus said to them. Jesus prayed to Our Father, "I will do as You wish." Jesus walked back to his apostles. They were asleep.
Jesus asked them, "Couldn't you stay awake for an hour?" Jesus left and went back to pray. A second time Jesus returned to his apostles. They were asleep again. Jesus asked them, "Why aren't you praying?"
He went back to pray. A third time Jesus returned to his apostles. They were asleep. Jesus said to them, "My enemies have come for me." Group of people came

The apostles awaken. They heard voices. They saw lots of soldiers. Judas walked to Jesus. Judas kissed Jesus. Jesus said, "Are you betraying me with a kiss?" Peter ran to Jesus. He drew his sword and was ready to fight the soldiers. Jesus said to him, "Put your sword away." The soldiers took Jesus. The apostles were scared. Would they be arrested too? All of the apostles ran. Jesus was left all alone with the soldiers. Let the Children Come to Me

One time Jesus was visiting in a town.
There were a lot of people crowded around. The people were asking questions. Jesus was teaching them. Then, the mothers started to bring their children up to Jesus. The mothers wanted Jesus to touch their children. The apostles said to the mothers, "Do not bring your children up here. Jesus is busy. He is teaching us. Keep the children away. Don't let them bother Jesus" When Jesus heard this, he was very displeased with his apostles. He said to the apostles, " Do not keep the children away. Bring the children to me." The apostles did as Jesus asked.
The children walked up to Jesus. Jesus took the children and held them in his arms. Then he put his hands on the children and blessed them. What Peter Did Jesus was arrested in the garden. The soldiers took him away. Peter followed them. He followed them far behind. He didn't want the soldiers to see him.
They took Jesus to the place where they take prisoners. Peter hid in a safe place. A girl passing by saw Peter. She asked Peter, "Aren't you one of Jesus' followers?" Peter answered, "I don't know what you're talking about." Someone else asked, "You were with him, weren't you?" Peter said, "I don't even know the man." Someone else said, "You sound just like him." Peter was afraid. Peter shouted, "I don't know Him!" Peter heard the rooster crow. Peter remembered what Jesus had said. Jesus had told him, "Before the rooster crows you will say, three times, that you don't know me."
This made Peter very sad. He cried and ran away. The Trial The Woman Who Had Faith

There was this woman who had been sick for 12 years. She went to many doctors. She spent all her money on the doctors. They could not heal her.
She only got worse. She heard of Jesus and the many people he had healed. She could not ask him to heal her. She thought that he was much too busy to heal her. She saw him! He was walking with many people.
Then she thought, "If I could just touch his clothes, I would be healed." She joined the crowd. She tried to get close to him. She pushed as close as she could.
She reached out her hand and touched his clothes.
In that instant she was healed! Jesus stopped walking. He turned around. "Who touched me?" He asked. Peter said," Look at all these people. It could have been anyone." Jesus waited. The woman who had touched him was afraid that Jesus would be angry with her. She began trembling. She came forward. She said to Jesus,"It was I that touched you." She told him the whole story. Jesus said to her, "You are healed now because you believed. Go in peace." The governor was Pontius Pilate. He was the one in charge of Jesus' trial. The crowd had shouted to crucify him. Pontius Pilate didn't understand.
What had Jesus done wrong? Why were the people demanding that Jesus die. Pontius Pilate said, "Do what ever you like. I am innocent." The soldiers took Jesus away. They beat him. They made fun of him.
They made a crown of thorns. They put it on his head. The thorns made his head bleed. Then the soldiers got a cross. The cross was made out of wood.
It was very heavy. They made Jesus carry it. Jesus started walking to the place where he was to be crucified. The place was called Golgotha. The crowd walked with him. The crowd wanted to see him crucified. In the district of Decapolis, there lived a man who couldn't hear. He was deaf The man could not speak plainly, either. He had a speech impediment. People couldn't understand him when tried to speak to them and he could not hear people speak to him. When Jesus came to town, the people got excited. They wanted Jesus to heal this man. They took the deaf man to Jesus. They asked Jesus to heal him. "Lay your hands on this man and heal him", they said.
Jesus looked at the deaf man. Jesus took the deaf man away from the crowd. When they were alone, Jesus put his finger into the man's ears. Jesus spit.
Jesus touched the man's tongue. Then Jesus looked to Heaven and prayed, "Be opened!" Immediately, the deaf man could hear. Immediately he could speak clearly. Jesus asked the people not to tell. "He has done all things well", they said. "He has made the deaf hear." The people were amazed at what Jesus had done. Jesus made them very happy. The Crucifixion Jesus walked to Golgotha. The soldiers took the cross from Jesus. They put Jesus on the cross. They dropped the cross into a hole in the ground. The crowd was saying mean things to him. The crowd was making fun of Jesus. Mary, Jesus' mother, and John, Jesus' friend, stood at the foot of the cross. Jesus said to his mother, "John is your son."Jesus said to John, "Mary is your mother." The sky got very dark. It stayed dark for three hours. The earth began to rumble. The earth began to shake. Jesus said, "It is done." He hung his head forward and died. Jesus died Friday. They took Jesus from the cross.
They wrapped his body in a clean cloth. They put him in a tomb. They rolled a heavy rock in the entrance.
Pontius Pilot ordered soldiers to guard the tomb.
Early Sunday morning some women went to the tomb. They were surprised. The heavy rock was moved away from the entrance. They peeked inside.
Where was Jesus! He was gone! The clean cloth that had been used to wrap Jesus was all that was there.
It was neatly folded. The women couldn't believe it.
They saw a man sitting there on the right side wearing a white robe. He said, "Jesus is not here. He has risen. Tell everyone the good news." Jesus Returns The women had told the apostles that Jesus was not there. She told them what the angel had said. The apostles were very surprised. That evening the apostles were eating dinner. The doors were locked. They heard someone say, "Peace be with you."
The apostles turned to see who was speaking. It was Jesus! They were so happy. Thomas was a friend of theirs. When they told Thomas what happened, he didn't believe them. Thomas said, "I won't believe it until I see it." Eight days later all the apostles, including Thomas, were there. All the doors were locked. The men were talking. "Peace be with you," Jesus said. Thomas was amazed! He believed now.
Jesus told him, "You believe because you see. Blessed are those who believe and don't see." Why did i choose Jesus as my hero ? my reply to that question is why wouldn't i. you might be thinking what did Jesus do for me that was so amazing well let me tell you. this story starts in grade 5 i made a couple of bad choices and because of that things started to happen i felt that know one cared or loved me, my parents went to church i didn't want to go i thought it was very boring, in a way i hated church, every time i went to church i was thinking how crazy and stupid these people were to believe in god and to believe Jesus was gods son. then i was sitting on my chair while everyone was standing and praising god. i don't know why but i said "if there really is a god why doesn't he speak to me why doesn't he care for me why doesn't he love me" then i went home and asked my mom why do you believe in god she said because he has spoken to me and Jesus has paid the price and made the greatest sacrifice for my sins and mistakes and he loves me ow so much even when in bad and he is always with me, then she said after a long speech Jesus loves you, when my mom left my room and closed the door.I was thinking man my mom has gone mental what is she saying.and as usual i had to read the bible and go to sleep, me and my sister would sleep in the same bed, so that night i taped my sister and asked her do you believe in god she said don't you i said no, then she said girl your stupid i said what so i don't believe in god do you have a problem with that she said girl you believe in what you believe. so i stayed up while my sister was sleeping i said god if you are real speak to me this weak then on that Wednesday i went to church and god spoke to me in a way that i cant explain i was crying the whole time because i finally knew that my Jesus truly was always there and always cared for me even thought i rejected him many times he still loved me and till now god is always been speaking to me and i can never forget that year he saved me that is why Jesus is my hero.he helped me thought a hard time and never left my side even thou i rejected him many times. I hope you have some one like Jesus in your life:) :) :)
it can be anyone but Jesus is mine. (hope you are not offended). The End !!!
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