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White Perch

No description

Jade Farley

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of White Perch

White Perch (Morone Americana)
The proper name of the White Perch, is Morone Americana
What should you do if you spot an invasive species?
If you find an invasive species you should kill it and report suspected finding in inland waters.
The White Perch got to its new territory by being transported through boating. The White Perch are native to Atlantic coastal region of the United States and invaded the Great Lakes through the Erie and Welland canals. They are originally from Nova Scotia.
How did the species get to its new territory? Where is it now? How did it get there?
The White Perch originated in Nova Scotia, traveled through the St. Lawrence River into Lake Ontario, then through the Welland Canal into Lake Erie, then Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and last into Lake Superior. The White Perch was also transported to other smaller lakes in the North East parts of America and the South East parts of Canada, including Maine and parts of the Atlantic ocean
How has the equilibrium of the ecosystem been set off balance or damaged?
White perch are eating walleye eggs so the population of bait fish and other smaller fish will go up because there will be less walleyes to eat them. The population of eagles, small mouth bass, muskellunge, northern pike and other fish that eat walleyes will go down because there will be no walleyes to eat.
The White Perch affects the population of other organisms around it because White Perch are peredacious and opportunistic feeders, they often feed on the eggs of Walleye. They compete for zoo plankton which can lead to algal blooms. White Perch have hybridized with native White Bass in Western Lake Erie.
The White Perch eats many fish and plants but the number one most eaten thing by White Perch (also the most trouble causing) is Walleye eggs. Some fish that eat the White Perch are Lake Trout, Small Mouth Bass, White Bass, and the Rainbow Trout.
What is the proper name of the invasive species?
What is the path from
one ecosystem to another?
Where has it invaded?
How does it affect the population of other species around it?
What does it eat or what eats it?
How has the food chain been altered?
The food chain has been altered because the White Perch wasn't originally part of the food chain and it's ruining the food chain because the White Perch is getting over populated and eating all the walleye eggs and walleye fish are getting to be less populated and other fish are dying because there isn't anymore walleye fish to eat.
What has been the impact on humans? What are humans doing to help?
The impact the White Perch has made on humans is not that big, but White Perch are eating walleye eggs, and if the White Perch eats all of the Walleye fish then there won't be enough for humans, and the little bit that there is for humans, prices will raise because its becoming more rare. Humans are trying to help this cause by killing White Perch.
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