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A Prezi Prezientation (haha get it? do you get it?)

a presentation made on prezi for class, i believe it is about

joshua little

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of A Prezi Prezientation (haha get it? do you get it?)

my pre-cent-ay-shun the video says it all I like bean and cheese burritos POWER RANGERS ARE THE BEST Pirates are way better... ...than "ninjas" That was my truck Oops, where'd that picture of me come from? Also me My toilet paper nuff said lol Yaks are cool Cows are NOT ima firin mah lazer!!1! SHOOP DA WHOOP!!! I drew that I drew that too it's abstract or something and now we end with these pictures: THE END wordswordswordswordswords wordswordswords wordswordswordswords words wordswordswordswords wordswordswordswords wordswordswordswords wordswords
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