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Personality Analysis: Dwigth schrute

No description

Zack Krotman

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Personality Analysis: Dwigth schrute

Dwight Schrute Intrapsychic Domain Social-Cultural Domain Adjustment Domain Cognitive-Experiental Domain Need For Power Need For Achievement Assistant to the regional manager
Volunteer Sheriff’s deputy
Head of security Best salesman
Successful beat farm/ bed and breakfast
making money off baby dolls Display Rules/ Norm Violation - treatment of women
- starting fire
- bringing in dead duck
- sleeping with Angela Difficulty with stress and coping - downsizing
- breakup with Angela Paranoid Personality - never in front of anybody
- always sit behind the driver
- weapons
High self-esteem Ideal Self Regional manager Hostile Attribution Bias Affect Intensity Experiences emotions intensely
Very Reactive Personal Projects Be higher than Jim bragging about his high sales
few sexual partners
better than everyone else due to his self assigned position perceives ambiguous activities from other people as being hostile Zack Krotman, Chrissy Moya, Caitlin Heinlen, Brad Schutzer djvsbndsf
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