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The Sociolinguistics of SLA

No description

Deida Perea

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of The Sociolinguistics of SLA

The Sociolinguistics of SLA: microsocial factors
Microsocial Factors
L2 Variation

Input and interaction
Variation in learner language
What did Labov find?
What does a variable feature depend on?
What do the following refer to...
Linguistic contexts
Psychological contexts &
Microsocial contexts?
What are other factors affecting language variation?
What research has been done in this field?

Input & Interaction
How is input considered from a linguistic and a psycholinguistic point of view?
How is it considered within the social approaches?
How is interaction seen from a social perspective?

Interaction as the genesis of language
The Sociocultural (S-C) Theory (Vigotsky, 1962)
What's a key concept in this approach?
How does it differ from most linguistic and psychological as well as other social approaches?
How does learning occur?
What are the results of learning through mediation?

Acquisition without interaction; interaction without acquisition
What are the two facts around acquisition&interaction?
What is the evidence behind them?
What are other strategies used for successful interaction?
What is the nature of communicative events? What's the role of motivation in this instance?
What is the role of context and non-context cues according to some studies? any other examples?
Brief Intro
Get familiar with communicative competence: 'what a speaker needs to know to communicate appropriately within a particular language community' (Saville-Troike,2003) what does it involve?
Get familiar with language community: 'group of people who share the same knowledge of the world to at least some degree.'
How does the communicative competence of a native speaker differ from that of a non-native speaker?
Why is it important to distinguish now between SL, FL and AL? What do they refer to?
Free Variation, what Ellis suggests (1997)
1) A single form is used for a variety of functions
2) Other forms have been acquired but are initially used interchangeably
2) The variant forms begin to be used systematically
4) The non-target forms are eliminated. Removal of free variability is making the IL more efficient.
Summarizing the Sociolinguistic Perspective
1) What is acquired in L2 includes variable linguistic strctures and knowledge of when to use each
2) The process of acquisition includes progress through stages in which different types of variability are evident; and
3) Reasons why some learners are more successful than others include how well they can perceive and align their own usage in accord with the target system.
Nature of input modifications
What is Foreigner Talk? what are its characteristics?
What are some examples of simplifies input? When does it occur? Does it help? Who? Why?
How does modification in academic texts work?

Nature of interactional modifications
How necessary is interaction for L2 acquisition?
How does NSs' repetition to NNSs work?
How does paraphrase work?
Sentence completion or frames for substitution? vertical constructions? comprehension check & request for clarification?
What's the role of corrective feedback for L2 acquisition?
What are some instances of indirect correction?
How can it be inneffective?

Intake to cognitive processing
What are the claims made in the Interaction Hypothesis?
How would we summarize the interactionist perspective?
What kind of L2 learners does this approach ignore?

Interpersonal interaction
What is ZPD? How does it work?
What's scaffolding?
How does symbolic mediation happen?

Intrapersonal interaction
What's IPI?
What are some types?
What do studies on this kind of interaction show?

Hoes does 'private writing' work?
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