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Morgan Fay

on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of EARLY LIFE

The "Bloomsberries"
Vanessa Stephen (Bell) was born May 30th 1879 too Leslie Stephen and Julia Princep. Having two siblings (Virginia Wolf and Thoby Stephen) Vanessa grew up in a semi influential house hold.
She would study art at Arthur Cope's school of art after mother died.
Sneaking into a room full of windows, Virginia and Vanessa often wrote and drew together.
Later in 1901, Vanessa would attend Slade School of Art, and after 4 years (and the death of both parents) she and her sister would move to Bloomsbury. Thus creating the "Bloomsbury Group"
In 1907 she would start an open relationship with Clive bell whom she would later have 2 sons with.
Not only being influential to her style and art form, Vanessa Bell would have a relationship with Robert Fry, a artist and art critique.
The Bloomsbury group resided in London England. It was a group of like minded 12 essayist/novelist/philosophers/artists, whom published and critiqued art
“The 'swapping' is interesting. This practice one had thought confined to certain earnest Americans in the smaller, more tedious cities, to those wives and husbands who had read sex manuals and radically wanted more of life even if it had to be, like pizza, brought in from around the corner--all of this was accomplished by Bloomsbury in the lightest, most spontaneous and good-natured manner.”
― Elizabeth Hardwick, Seduction and Betrayal: Women and Literature
"Self portrait",
"Still life by the studio window", 1950
The early death of her mother forced the oldest child Vanessa to hold a household of two younger siblings. This might have influenced her to aspire to be a interior designer
Being a recognized interior designer, Vanessa worked for the London Artist Association, and designed for the HMS Queen Mary, as well as her own sister, Virginia Woolf's room.
Interior design
Vanessa's identity
Vanessa Bell belonged to the Post- impressionist, but seems to fluctuate between styles and content.
Possibly trying out everything.
Left "Nude", 1922 and right "Nude and the poppies".
Vanessa bell:
Painter, Interior designer... hot momma!

Robert Fry hosted a Post-Impressionist art show. Here Vanessa Bell was very much introduced to Post-Impressionist.
Vanessa was no different then any other post- impressionist, she was highly influenced by the tidal wave of japanese culture/ art.
You can see this in the examples below.....
Don't forget about the sissy!
Virginia Woolf (a modernist author) asked Vanessa (her sister) to illustrate her up and coming novel "To the Light house", a novel based on her and her sisters trips to Saint Ives.
Vanessa's etchings are very much remenicent of Kathe Kollwitz's style.
"Virginia Woolf", 1912
"Landscape", 1932
"Flowers in
a ginger jar",
"Tea things", 1919
"Still life (Triple Alliance)", 1914
"Conversation", 1913-1916
Vanessa Bell, Gospel singer.
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