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Periodic Table of Food Lab

No description

Ferishia Cooper

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Periodic Table of Food Lab

Pina Colada Juice
Egg Nog
Doughnuts Sweet Salty Fats Fruits Meats Beverages Vegetables Snack Pocky Pizza Doughnuts Strawberry
Grapes Hamburger
Sushi Pina Colada
Juice Egg Nog Full of
Vitamins Asparagus 1) What are the general family (column) characteristics formed in the chart?
The general family (column) characteristics formed in the chart are fruits, meats, beverages, vegetables and snacks.

2) Suggest a reason why some items might not fit easily into a group.
The reason some items might not fit easily into a group because some of the foods don't have the same characteristics as others.

3) Why do you think there is not a periodic table of compounds? Use evidence to support your thoughts.
I think there isn't a periodic table of compounds because new compounds are formed every day and it will never be complete.
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