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Kassidy Whalen- Why do Zebras have Stripes?

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maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Kassidy Whalen- Why do Zebras have Stripes?

Caring for Young
Caring for Young
After juvenile males reach about 3 years of age, they join a “bachelor herd” then grow out of it at 5-6 years of age.
Caring for Young
As a male zebra grows out of its “bachelor herd” they will then form a harem group. The point of this is to group with 1-2 year old female zebras.
Caring for Young
The safari grass will be a young zebra’s main nutrition in a few short days after birth.
Caring for Young
The young zebras are expected to gain a pound a day in the next 2 months
Unique Characteristics
To blend in with the tall grass, zebras have vertical stripes for many reasons. For example, the stripes are known for confusing lions or other predators. The stripes are also helpful for scaring off insects.
The stripes are also helpful for interaction with other zebras.
Unique Characteristics
Zebras very much resemble their close relatives the donkey and the horse. Only two differences, zebras have short, fluffy manes and stripes.
Thanks for Watching!!
Why do zebras have stripes?
By: Kassidy Whalen
When a zebra is pregnant, it usually last about 1 year and a month. The birthing is usually just one foal. When zebras are born, they weigh about 70 pounds and in a few short minutes, the foal can stand for the first time.
Unique Characteristics
Unique Characteristics
No zebras stripes pattern is the same

A plain zebra has thinner stripes on its legs and wider stripes on the sides that soon meet the stomach.

Zebras live in a very hot habitat like a safari. In the Safari, there are many disease carrying insect that zebras need to be protected from. There are many advantages for zebras by having this feature in such environment.
The stripe pattern of a zebra is often noticed when one is joining a herd.
The stripes of a zebra also relates to the temperature and precipitation in a zebra’s environment.
The stripes of a zebra also relates to the temperature and precipitation in a zebra’s environment.
Zebra Video
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