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The Breakfast Club

Final Assessment

kim hendrick

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club #2 At the start of the movie there are five teenagers serving a detention, Clare- the princess, Andrew- the jock, Brian- the nerd, Allison- the basket case, and John- the criminal. They have never met each other before and they are all different types of people. During the movie they all have their different opinions about each other. Near the end of the movie they all are different people still but they understand each others lives a bit better and why they are the person they are. #1 #3 #4 #5 #6 John Bender is the criminal in the movie. John acts tough and lacks respect, he gives his opinion even if it is something extremely rude. John is attention seeking male, you can tell because he is always disobeying the rules and he picks on everyone. John comes from a physical and verbally abusive home where no one really cares for him so he is mostly on his own. Brian is the nerd in the movie. Brian is socially awkward unless he is hanging out with his friends that are like him. When Brian starts to talk he just keeps rambling on about the subject. Brian school grades are important to him, and he likes to keep an A average. Brian has a great family but they put a lot of pressure on him to have perfect grades. Claire is the princess in the movie. Claire is a preppie teenager that joins all the social clubs. Claire’s parent get her everything she wants and she uses charm to get it. She can be caring sometimes, and she started to understand other people’s lives and how hers is better than there’s. Claire comes from a family that doesn’t really care for her, but her parents buy her love with expensive gifts.

- as being a bad person
- criminal
- tough

- talks back rudely
- vandalizes their stuff
- acts tough

- cares a little bit more about others but not a whole lot
- found out other people care about him
- as being popular
- princess
- spoiled

- argue with them just enough that she won't get in trouble
- ignores a lot of it
- asks them to stop it

- cared for other people, not just herself
- felt kinda bad for the people that aren't as popular as her
- found out that not everyone can have the expensive things that she has

- being really smart
- nerd
- socially awkward

- ignores some of it
- suicidal
- doesn’t talk to the person that is putting him down

- got confidence that he is very smart
- he shouldn’t put as much pressure on himself John John Brian Claire Claire Brian How he is judged How he is judged How she is judged How he deals with discrimination How she deals with discrimination How he deals with discrimination How she was transformed once she shared her frustration with others How he was transformed once he shared his frustration with others How he was transformed once he shared his frustration with others I selected John, Brian, and Claire for this project because they are all very different types of people, they can be appealing and disappointing throughout the movie. I find that they can all be both throughout the movie, appealing and disappointing. John is appealing because when they heard the principal walking through the halls, he ran around so they could get back to the detention room so they wouldn’t get in trouble. He is disappointing too because he has lack of respect, he picks on anyone he can. Brian is more appealing than disappointing because he follows the rules most of the time and he has high marks. Claire is appealing because at the end of the movie she learned to care for other people not just herself. She is also disappointing because she thinks she is better than everyone. That is why I picked them as my three characters and why they were appealing and disappointing to me. #7 John, Brian, and Claire didn’t know each other at the start of the movie. When they got into the detention room John started to pick on Claire for being a princess and picking on Brian for being a nerd. Throughout the movie John didn’t pick on them as much as what he did in the beginning because when they all told each other about thier lives they started to become closer as friends. Near the end of the movie John and Claire started to have feelings for each other. At the end of the movie John, Brian, and Claire all knew who each other were, but they most likely won’t be friends that hang out all the time. John has been unfairly judged by being a bad person. He has been judged by being a bad person because he is very rude and not very polite. John handles the discrimination by talking back rudely to them, like talking back to his principal after he discriminates John. He changes after he is able to talk to others by caring for other people a little bit more because he knows that their life isn’t that great either, it’s better than his but there not perfect. Brian has been unfairly judged by being a nerd. He has been judged by being a nerd because he gets almost perfect on every test but he struggles in tech. Brian handles discrimination by ignoring the person that is discriminating him. John makes fun of him for being a nerd but Brian doesn’t say anything back. Brian changes after he is able to talk to others by getting confidence that he is smart because he was very disappointed that he got an F on his tech project. Claire has been unfairly judged by being popular. She has been judged by being popular because she hangs out with the popular people but really they are not true friends because they are based around lies. Claire handles discrimination by asking the person to stop because when John was calling her a princess she asked him to stop it. She changes after she is able to talk to others by caring for other people. Not just herself because that is all she does and she thinks that she is popular but she ends up liking John that’s not in the popular group. John Brian Claire My personal opinion of the movie is that it had some really interesting parts but other parts weren’t really my favourites. One main part that interested me the most was when everyone was walking through the halls and they heard the principal walking in the halls too, so John told them to get back to the detention while he ran through the halls to distract the principal. Another reason the movie interested me was when they all told each other their problems and who’s family problems were better or worse than each others. One reason that the movie wasn’t really my favorite was at the beginning of the movie when they were all arguing about dumb things, like who is better than who and when they were judging each other about their personality. That is my personal opinion of the movie. Thanks for listening to my presentation, hope you enjoyed it! By Kim Hendrick
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