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Mekong Project 2

No description

Alex Bell

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Mekong Project 2

History of Mekong
Wild Life in The Mekong
The Mekong is the second most biodiversity in the world after the Amazon with 20,00 plant species, 1,200 birds, 800 reptile and amphibians and 430 mammals.
Mekong Project
Mekong River
More than 60 million people need fish and the dams are trapping the fish and soon they will all die out.The dams are also flooding the rice paddy fields and soon the rice cannot grow and the people of Asia will not have any thing to eat. People that grow rice say that soon the salty sea water will come into the river and rice or crops cannot grow in it so that is a very bad problem.
The Mekong river is very long it is the 12
longest river
in the world. People say it is the amazon of Asia it has the same, landscape as the amazon but the only thing it is in Asia.
Where is the Mekong?
The Mekong is in Asia it goes through China,Laos,Thailand, Burma ,Cambodia and Vietnam. The Mekong river separate countries.
Now a lot of animals are endangered/ critically endangered due to things affecting/threatening them such as the dams, deforestation,pollution and poaching and Illegal Wildlife trade
As forests along the Mekong are very
diverse they can give many resources
to people like shelter, wood to build things
and of course food for tribal and also for
living things.
Starting in the high Tibetan
Andes in china, it is elevated 5224m above sea level, where it is rocky and dry.
A the Mekong gets lower it starts to
get wider with valleys with jungles and
plain, where it goes through Burma and Laos.
Indo Chinese Tiger(critically endangered)Th.Viet.Cam.Lao., Bur.
What are some of the animals in the Mekong?
The Mekong's lower course or
the basin runs through Cambodia and Vietnam giving life to millions of people for fishing and resources. The mouth is in Cambodia and flows into South China sea.
This is the Mekong Giant Catfish which is 18 feet long and ways 160Ibs
Being the biggest fresh water
lake in south-east Asia it has an interesting flow because one half of the year it flows
upstream because it is so full that it pushes water up the Siam Reap and the opposite for the other half of the year.
and it can grow 4 times
bigger in the wet
the size of the mekong basin is the surface
of France and Germany out together
5,000 km long
in the monsoon the Mekong is 20 times bigger than its size
the Mekong is 795,000 km2
As you may know the Mekong is the tenth largest river in the world and of course it has a large population living along and these people life are affected by the river.
It gives food, electricity with hydro powered
dams and also gives job to people like fishing.
Drug around Mekong river is mainly made in the golden triangle area. Most of the people around there are
addicted to drugs. And when you are addicted to drugs, it is very hard to stop. The Government are trying to stop the people from buying them. In the 19 hundreds, when drugs were illegal, the US came and got alot of drug and imported it to the USA to sell, they soon banned it.
MIning and deforestation :p
Not only Mekong provides electricity, there are also gold, silver etc. under the ground of the river bed.
Furthermore, people are deforesting for construction, trading and business such as rubber plantation.
Rubber plantation is a monocroping business or non-diversity plantation ( if you don't understand both of them, it means plant only one type of tree). Do you know why rubber plantation is really common. It is because it can make a lot of money. On the other hand, monocroping is really dangerous because if buyers don't want it anymore, you would probably be poor. :(
66 percent of forest around Mekong has been destroy
Another big reason of deforestation is to build dams
My opinion
In my own opinion, deforestation for dams is except able because originally Laos is the poor country so they need money by selling electricity.
The Sarus Crane(vulnerable)India
The Irrawaddy Dolphin(critically endangered)Laos near the Rapids
The Saola(critically endangered)between order of Vietnam and Laos
Dams also can cause a big damage to the environment. These are the major reason.

1. Blocking animals ( Fish, Shrimp) :p
2. Cut down many trees in the forest to build one dam.
3. Pollute Mekong river.
Dams around Mekong are used for hydro power or electricity. Dams can create 1070 megawatts of electricity. Fortunately, Laos keep only 70 but they give to Thailand 1000. Although dams are effective for economy in Laos, they also harm people around Mekong.

Francis Garnier was borned in July 25,1839.
He entered the naval school in 1955 because
he wanted to be a navy officer. In 1866 Francis
and his crews explored the Mekong river
entire route.
However he died in
in 1873 December.

This is Francis Garnier
Javan Rhino
The Mekong river has 7 main tributaries.
The Mun, which is one of the longest
igapes of the Mekong, the Luangprabang,
Xayaburi, Packom, Paklay, Sanakham,
Pak bang are the other six main tributaries
of the great Mekong.
Bangkok has the most illegal wildlife trade in the world and gets most of the endangered animals in the Mekong river/rainforest
A lot of animals are being hunted for their spectacular fur for a large amount of cash$
Not many people are trying to stop the illegal wildlife trades. These people get a lot of cash and don't care about the animals.
Poaching/ illegal wildlife trade
Threats and future
People who followed Francis
Love the rhino!

Ankor civilization
The 4,000 islands are located in Laos
where in the dry season. 4,000 small
sand banks emerge from the water and in the monsoon they are under
water and also it is where in the monsoon the Mekong is the largest,
10 km wide.
The 4,000 islands are located in Laos
where inthe dry season 4,000 small
sand banks emerge from the water and in the monsoon they are under
water and also it is where in the monsoon the Mekong is the largest,
10 km wide.
Walking Catfish. Native to South East asia

Pollution is happened on land and in the water.Pollution is caused from smoke from factory and people around the Mekong litter and don't clean up after themselves.
The 'Amazon' of Asia also known as the Mekong is being badly threatened in the cause of evolution like dams, which blocks fish migration to be affecting on tribal groups also, deforestation which is a big problem since it is the second most diversified place on earth post the 'River Sea' or the Amazon, which leads to relocation for people. Is the Mekong under threat for the future?
Doudart de Lagrée
Louis de Carné
Dr. Louis-Eugène Joubert
Dr. Clovis Thorel
Louis Delaporte
The Factory's produce a lot of smoke which can damage the animals/humans lungs. This probelm is affecting the enviorment and causing very bad results to the people nearby.
As the landscape is mountainous, dry, steep in the high in the Himalayas. As the river meanders to Laos and Burma and Thailand the landscape is not as steep, while the river river gets wider, flowing into valleys and plains with some jungles.
At the lower course in Cambodia and Vietnam there are flat lakes like the biggest fresh water lake in Asia the Tonlesap, meanders and flows into the sea by the nine dragons.
The Khon falls are situated in Laos
and make the border between Laos and Cambodia.
The Khon falls are one of the most visited
site in Laos being 13 km long of white rapids.
Which makes it the widest waterfall in the world
The Asian Elephant(endangered) In.SL. Myan.Indo. Thai. Cam. Viet. Lao. Malay. Nep. Bang. S. China.
The Javan Rhino has gone extincted in Vietnam year 2011 because of illegal wildlife trade and poaching. They found the last individual with a bullet in its leg and its horn removed.
Along time ago some tribe wounder along a river. That river is called the Mekong .These people were the very first people who stepped on a land that is now called Thailand.Those people called that city Chiang sen. It is very similar to Chiang Mai but it only has three walls and the fourth wall is the Mekong.
Now let's find out whats happening to the Mekong!
However the river is being threatened by many things people using it for things such as dams.
Chiang Sen
There were stone age people living around the Mekong river and there are paintings in Thailand
Angkor is a old Khmer area that became the capital of the Khmer empire centered in Angkor Thom and in which the temple of Angkor wat was built amongst many other temples. This temple also know as the oldest and biggest temple around the Mekong.

The Sarus Cane(vulnerale)lives in boarders between china and India


Meandering through the flat landscape of
Vietnam to the nine dragons also know as the
Mekong's delta, brackish water is made, which then empties in the south china sea.
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