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Enrique's Journey Timeline

No description

Ana Cecilia

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Enrique's Journey Timeline

Enrique's Journey Timeline

Enrique begins to rebel
Enrique goes with his friend, Jose, to Mexico but gets deported
March 2: Enrique sets out to the US
April 1: Migrants were trapped inside a boxcar of one of the trains
April: Enrique has made it 2/3 to Mexico
Enrique gets a tattoo and starts doing drugs again
Padre Leo lets Enrique call home to get his mothers phone number. He calls his mother who will help him hire a coyote.
By Ana Elvir
Jan 29: Lourdes leaves Honduras and never returns
Lourdes gives birth to Diana
Two months later: Lourdes is fired from her job
Lourdes moves to North Carolina
Marco dies and Enrique is thrown into the streets
Enrique falls in love with Maria Isabel
Jan 1: Enrique tries to quit doing drugs
March 24: Enrique turns 17
Enrique survives La Arrocera
Maria Isabel is uncertain if she is pregnant
May 15: Enrique works by washing cars
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