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Phrasal Verbs.

No description

Pamela Jara Alvarez

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Phrasal Verbs.

Bungee Jumping

Hot Air Balloon

Ice Climbing

Rock Climbing

Sky Diving

Match every phrasal verb with its meaning.
What are Phrasal Verbs?
A Phrasal Verb is a combination of :

Verb / Adverb + Preposition
Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentence.
Being Active.
Thank you!

Hill walking

Horse Riding

Mountain Biking






Jet Skiing


Scuba Diving





Go out

Make up

Grow up

Run away.

List of Phrasal Verbs.
List of Phrasal Verbs.
1. Can you call me BACK / DOWN when you get this message?

2. I can´t log ON / IN to my e-mail, I think I forgot my password.

3. I woke OFF / UP when the rooster crowed.

4. Charles grew DOWN / UP to be a lot like his father.

5. Sue and Tim broke UP/ IN last year.

6. He couldn't get OUT / ALONG with his mother-in-law.

7. She made ON / UP that story, I think she is lying.
1. back someone up

2. bring someone down

3. cheer up

4. get along

5. switch something on

6. warm up

7. come across something
a. Like each other

b. start the energy flow, turn on

c. Make unhappy

d. prepare body for exercise

e. become happier

f. find unexpectedly

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate phrasal verb.
1. We are ___________ at 5:00 pm, please don't be late.

2. I _________ on her, she is in love with someone else.

3. They said I lied, but my boss ______ me _______.

4. Are you ___________ to a restaurant tonight?

5. Can you ____________ the following form, please.

6. Cinderella ____________ from the party at midnight.
Read the following text.
Identify different outdoor activities.
Identify phrasal verbs.
Dear Mom and Dad:

This is my fifth day at summer camp. Life in the great outdoors isn't exactly what I expected, but I'm not starving so don't worry about me. I guess I should tell you about what I do every day. I wake up at 5:30 am but I get up at 6:00 am, then I dress up and we spend 2 hours working out. After that, I hang out with my new friend before breakfast. Later we all get together next to the bonfire and play different games. After lunch we practice different outdoor activities like sailing, surfing, swimming and trekking, which is my favorite one.
I'm getting along with my roommates but Andy last night made up a story about me, but all my roommates backed me up, I was so relieved.
Well, today is my last day, so I will enjoy it and tomorrow we can catch up
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