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Copy of Business

No description

Christelle Alava

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Business

Business Plan
Section 1

Mission Statement
The Banco Dela Enerhiya aims to provide quality and affordable DC chargers which are locally made by the students and for the students. The product lines are also intended to be sold to other potential customers inside and outside the school.
The proponents recognize the need of the custumers for more portable mobile chargers with the same quality and effectiveness of those in the market with the insinuation of the school.
Project Summary
Banco Dela Enerhiya is consists of portable chargers with exceptional quality which are responding to the current demands of the costumers. These are convenient products which are reasonably priced to suit the needs of the consumers.
Funding Requirement
The total capital requirement was aided by the TLE Department. the fund came from different programs and activities that the club organized. The total capital requirement was based on the sum of the production costs and operational costs. The proponents are also planning to loan from the bank for the initial year of operation.

Problem Statement
I. Entrepreneur Competencies and Qualifications
Dither John M. Limayo
A fourth year student of CAYSMNHS. Born on January 6, 1998 and resides at 26 Rizal Ave. Brgy. San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal. Currently the auditor in his class and an expert in electronics.

Kathelyn M. Liquigan
A senior student of CAYSMNHS. Born on December 12, 1997 and resides at Blk. 10 Exodus, Brgy. Sta Ana, Taytay, Rizal. Currently a Adjutant Officer of CAT Organization.

Michael Roy M. Santiago
A graduating student of CAYSMNHS. Born on August 2, 1997 and resides at B9 Lot 40 Garnet St. Golden City Subdivision, Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, Rizal. Currently a Company Commander of CAT Organization, the Vice-President of the MATH Club, and a delegate to Regional MTAP Challenge.

Marie Christelle Joyce C. Alava
A fourth year student of CAYSMNHS. Born on August 30, 1997 and a resides at 83 Salazar St. Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, Rizal. Currently the Battalion Executive Officer of the Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) Organization and the Managing Editor of the Filipino School Publication-- “Ang Sipol”.

Sergio M. Boholano II

A senior student of Casimiro A. Ynares Sr. Memorial National High School (CAYSMNHS). Born on February 27, 1998 and resides at Sitio Mulawin, Brgy. San Juan Cainta, Rizal. Current president of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) and a writer of the English School Publication– “The Echoes”.


“Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)” was chosen as the title and name of this business because the products composing the business are portable chargers which are genuinely capable of storing and charging electronic gadgets. This product lines are envisioned to be a sensation in the community. Furthermore, the proponents of the business found it more attractive to the public if we will label our product “Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)”.
Description of Business Model
The team plans to locate its center of operations in the school area that can provide access to a large pool of immediate labor force, and sources of financial capital. The location should ensure the best logistics when reaching existing and potential clients, as well as strategic partners. Operations in which the business cannot develop core competencies should be outsourced. A close proximity to outsourcing companies should be maintained. The control center will initially host the entire executive team, sales force, and staff. As the business progresses through its growth stages sales regions will be assigned for various parts of the community and either in-field sales representatives are placed. Presently, “Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)” is headquartered in Casimiro A. Ynares Sr. Memorial National High School Taytay, Rizal. This is a strategic location in which we can conduct the production for the business and also hold its distribution in the area since most of our customers and target market are inside the school. It is also an advantage in getting our labor and sales force coming from the students. This location holds many activities, seminars, trainings and therefore, our potential customers – students, teachers, parents, employees, and other residents – will easily be reached as it increases.
The Vision
By the year 2014 “ Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)” will be a stable and profitable business which will be known in Taytay and other neighboring areas for having excellent results in providing quality products.

The Mission
“Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)” aims to promote the school, provide the students affordable and quality products as well as proximity to these materials.
Section IV
Problems & Needs
Due to financial crisis that we experience nowadays, most of the people are prompted to minimize expenses.
In this case, they need to find available alternative products that will surely be affordable to them. In line with that, customers consider the proximity of the products to their place.
In this business, we include both aspects. The products of this business are affordable to the most of the people, and since we sell it to students, we can break the distance between us and the customers.

The proponents envision an environment of students with good image and make our product lines a sensation in the community.
“Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)” aims to promote the school, provide the students affordable and quality products as well as proximity to these materials.
This business is very concerned on the commitment and loyalty of every student to the school. It also encourages the students to patronize the school products.
III. Market Plan
Research and Analysis
Considering the scope of our potential market, we feel it is imperative to focus our limited resources on a particular geographic region where we can establish demand for our product. After successful market penetration, where we will begin implementation into nearby areas.
To be able to determine if the product meets the customers’ standards the team had conducted a survey among 100 people composed of students, employees, and other residents in the vicinity. The survey is prepared in a suggestive manner whereas they can rate the suggested qualities of the chargers such as: Durability, Efficiency, Affordability, and Safety.
Results showed that Safety ranked first with 120 points, followed by Durability with 80 points and Efficiency with 87 points. The outcome showed that the main qualities of our product are most preferred by the customers.

Market Segmentation
“Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)” customers are composed of students, people and the vicinity, and the neighboring subdivisions. The extremity of the range of the consumers is limited to the number of products produced. In addition to this, broad target market, we have attached the specified demand segmentation.
Market Size & Trends
Due to modernization, the proponents found a way to penetrate into the business industry with a very strange product. After observation on the demands of our target market, the proponents saw the need and opportunity for business to start. The increasing trend of using charger in school and in the community gave the proponents the idea of holding its operation inside the school wherein there is a large population and potential customers.
Competition and Buying Partners
Although competitors are already of big – scale businesses, the industry is still highly fragmented. There is a large potential in the business since the target market is focused in a single area only. As symbolized by the name of our business, Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE), we will increase the yield of production every year as the population of potential customers also increases since the demand for our product is set also to increase.
A. Marketing Plan
By conducting an initial promotion to the students of CAYSMNHS; the product will be recommended to their close relatives, neighbors and friends after their usage. Aside from that, we will also utilize Facebook and other social networking sites to easily promote our products and business without too much expense. Through this system, the business will eventually gain popularity among the community specially our target market. This means that the business doesn’t need excessive advertisements since we could more customers through the testimonials and recommendation of our initial customers. But, in the need of indorsing business, we would also place several posters near the centers of operations. Moreover, we would also do door-to-door retail system to increase the distinction of our products.
Business Partners
CAYSMNHS YECS and TLE Club will be cooperating to the distribution and retailing of the product. Furthermore, the members can also help in encouraging students to patronize the product.
IV. Production/ Technical Plan
Detailed Description of Products and Services
A. Detailed Description of Products and Services
Our products are specifically chargers with adaptors.
• Study how to make a schematic diagram.
• Sketch the schematic diagram.
• Gather all the material needed to construct the product.
• Plot the schematic diagram on the breadboard to test its functionality.
• Make a circuit with the use of PCB board.
• Solder it all together using a soldering iron.
• Place the circuit inside the case.
• Test the functionality of the product.

Operating Strategies
Product Model
“Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)” model can be summed up for a few words. We are a small organization operating on a partnership type model. We managed to produce reasonable and quality products within the CAYS community to provide a suite of services the project level for immediate and long-term client support. Our services and relationships to clients results in an environment of mutual trust for on-time delivery and client’s satisfaction. We are only as good as our employees can deliver on a day-to-day basis. Each project must exceed client expectations.
“Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)” provides services to its clients on a per project basis. The constant flow of growing client requests enables us to manage our growth as desired and as we choose to manage. Our business model is based on leveraging a closely held network of individuals, all acting in a partnership business capacity to the enterprise with direct responsibility to meeting client expectations and direct responsibility to “Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)” for business management.

In able to produce its products, “Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)” products will acquire its raw materials from EMC Electronics Corporation. The establishment is currently found Quezon City.
Critical Risk
A. Competitors
*Charger Manufacturers
Branded and known charger products are our main competitors. The proponents have realized that people will tend to buy practical and known products. Yet, our business, being focused in school as our center operation, will build a barrier in school against other products that will try penetrate our area by inducing students, teachers, and other target market population to patronize product. This will serve as our main weapon in competing in the industry as we provide localized but quality products.

*Other Traditional Charger Producers
Since the idea has been given, many entrepreneurs think with us in the same way and will be surely add with the competitors of our product. Quality and affordability will be the basis of the consumers to choose our products.

Competitive Strategy
Through the successful branding, first-mover advantage, excellent distribution, and proprietary position of the company, “Banco Dela Enerhiya (BDE)”, the group will develop brand recognition beyond any competitor. As a small company, we are aware of the disadvantages we have in legal settings, should we face larger, more resourceful competitors. However, a patent for our uniqueproduct will provide us with a degree of protection beyond a first-mover advantage by creating an additional barrier to entry. As the market is quickly penetrated we may have to consider establishing the production in a sturdier form wherein all possible complications would be fixed.

Business Partners
CAYSMNHS YECS and TLE Club will be cooperating to the distribution and retailing of the product. Furthermore, the members can also help in encouraging students to patronize the product.

V. Organizational or Management Plan
A. Members of the Team
a. Sergio M. Boholano d. Kathelyn M. Liquigan
b. Marie Christelle Joyce C. Alava e. Dither M. Limayo
c. Michael Roy M. Santiago

Aside from the authors of this business, CAYSMNHS TLE and YECS club officers are part of the team. They can contribute on the production, distribution and management of products. In addition to that, they can be the primary consumers and users of the merchandise. In that case, they can prove the quality of this product and can be easily recommend it to other consumers. The members of the said club need to be part of the team of increase the yield of production and distribution of the product thus, increasing the numbers of the consumers

Organizational Chart (Partnership)
Sergio M. Boholano II
Marie Christelle Joyce C. Alava
Kathelyn M. Liquigan
Dither John M. Limayo
Human Resource/Supervisor
Michael Roy M. Santiago
Stands for Chief Executive Officer. He teams up with the COO in utilizing all the department heads.
Stand for Chief Operating Officer. She supervises all the operating heads.
She is the one who assigns and designates the jobs. He does approve the paper works for approval of the head department and management especially CEO and COO.
He is the one who is in-charge of getting personnel and manages the people working on the company. He is also responsible for giving trainings or seminars to the personnel so that the business will be run by trusted persons and also responsible for responsible for keeping the employees or agents on the tract as managing the agents to do the right job.
in-charge of all accounting or many transactions. He holds all accounts and he is the one who budgets and invests all the income and expenses of the company.
Section V.
I. Financial Plan Summary
The proponents are positive on their financial standing. Based on the computations, the company is confident that its operation will result to a net income in its initial year. This income is also set to increase in the succeeding years.
Initially, the company intends to borrow Php 150,000.00 from CAYS TLE CUB AND YECS CLUB and Php 200,000.00 from Micro Finance Opportunity Bank for the raw materials and packaging.
The borrowed amount and the corresponding interest will be paid through the monthly income of the business on its first month of operation. This will be paid within (12) twelve months.
In accordance to our social impact concept, we foresee our business to run continuously, generate profit, until we achieve our long-term agendum.
The initial fund requirements will be discussed in our financial plan statement attached

II. Social Impact
A. Long-Term Desired Outcomes
The main goal of our business is to be a stable source of income and make a name in the industry by keeping our business to the ultimate that it can be globally competent, and to equalize the success of large company producers in this field of business.
B. Social Impact of the Activities of the Business
Many experienced and learned thinkers often falter to the idea of lack of innovation. To them, whatever has been devised is the best. Yet, it must be understood that what is good for one might not be good for all. Therefore, there could be loopholes. Hence, our product adapts in the development and innovation of the business community.
C. Social Impact to the Community
The business does not only generate profit but it also gives the employed students a source of income. Since the proponents held a seminar regarding the basic process of production of chargers, and our employees or helper in making our products are the student, they can apply their learning not only to keep busy but also provide their financial needs. It also foresees a community of business oriented, disciplined, and learned individuals. Thus, innovation in the state of living is also our long-term spin off.
Born on December 16, 1974 and currently residing in Baras, Rizal. She is a graduate of Rizal Polytechnic College with a degree in Bachelor Science in Industrial Education Major in Electronics. She attended several entrepreneurial seminars.
A graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) with a degree of Bachelor of Business Teacher Education Major in Business Technology. Born on July 13, 1990 and resides at Blk. 2 Lot 1 Noel’s Village Taytay, Rizal.
Implementation of the Business

We can easily implement the business through the cooperation of the TLE and YECS Club officers and members

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