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Ghouza Mubashar

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Storytelling

Types of Storytelling

Importance of Storytelling
in Three Day Road
To satisfy hunger
To recall memories
To pass time
To teach lessons
Forms of Storytelling
By: Ghouza, Eesha, Devi, Gurjot and Lovepreet
Three Day Road- Storytelling
Effects of Storytelling
provides a vivid and symbolic imagery
by expanding interest into new areas.
An interactive form of art
Is the conveying of events using words and images
A way of human expression
An encouragement of imagination
Connection to Real Life

Storytelling helps us to understand what the person is like, what they’ve been through, what they’ve experienced and so on.
What effects do you think Storytelling has on the listener?
• she often tells Xavier stories of her own childhood,
• Things that she had to go through or experience while she was growing up and her life,
• It also includes bits and pieces of Xavier’s childhood and the life he had before, which can and do include Elijah at times.

• Elijah’s stories are usually directly related to the war and violence,
• whether they involve him going out and getting a good kill on someone, taking the scalps/skulls of the people he’s killed, or something not as violent such as when he saw the cat walking in no man’s land.
• Some of the things that Elijah talks about are very gory and descriptive, and sometimes when you’re reading them you can forget that he’s just a soldier in the war, because some of these stories he talks about are definitely not the like normal war stories you hear about.

• Xavier speaks about both his own stories and often times include stories that Elijah had previously said.

Forms of Storytelling in Three Day Road
Scientists say that moving pictures are the most engaging form of STORYTELLING in history, because you can immediately identify with what is shown on the screen.
It influences us emotionally.
Traditional Storytelling
Cultural storytelling relays values, morals and beliefs of a particular society through stories. Certain societies want to pass on stories pertaining to their religion so that future generations will understand the struggles or miracles of their faith. This can be seen in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Native American Indians also pass along the stories of their culture to future generations so that their traditions will not be forgotten.
Three Day Road
Connection to...
In General
In Connection to...
Three Day Road
Narrative Storytelling
What types and forms of storytelling is used in Three Day Road?
Use of Words storytelling
Story that is told to a group through a characters perspective
In what ways does storytelling effect not only the listener, but the storyteller as well?
How did you like Three Day Road?
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down
Would you have liked it if it was written differently?
Share Stories
Pick a a word and share your story
Written Form of
Infer the message
Use of imagination
Human instinct/ basic needs
Hard winters
Mental unrest
Narrative Storytelling.
Everyday Storytelling
The past
Real events
Ease pain
During hard winters
During war
During difficult times
"'Nephew,"I say. 'Let me tell you a story. It will help pass this night."' - pg 290
"The story Auntie tells me brings a smile to my lips... I smile at Auntie and this makes her eyes bright."-Pg 221
" He cannot speak to me yet, and so I decide, here on the river, that I will speak to him.... Maybe some of the poison that courses through him might be released in this way. Words are all I have left now. I've lived alone so long that I realize I'm starved to talk" - Pg 89
Overcoming fear
Elijah has killed more men than I can count on both hands. It doesn't seem to bother him. Me, I've killed no one that I could see yet, but I've helped Elijah. I don't think it bothers me, but I won't let myself think of it, just push it away whenever it appears" -Pg 98
How would you mentally cope with living alone for so long?
Xavier: "The story auntie tells me brings a smile to my lips" -Pg 221
-Her story slowly helps heal and restore him
Niska: " You saw all of life was in the circle and realized that you always come back, in a way or another, to where you have been before"-Pg (137)
-Niska tells this story to Xavier in hope that he would find a deeper meaning behind it
"You must realize once more, Nephew, that in this world of hardship we must grasp the moments that are offered to us" -Pg 164
Everyday Storytelling
Casual Telling
consists of daily talk and conversations
People who tell the stories
-Xavier: story of the war with Elijah
-Aunt Niska: story of the Windigo huntress
-Both narrarators are equally important
Reason For First Person
It only struck me after I finished my final draft of the novel that I created something that is a bit like one of those Russian Matrioshka dolls, the ones where you open up the doll to find other, smaller dolls inside. But instead of the "dolls" in my novel getting smaller, they get bigger. Niska tells Xavier stories of her life, Elijah is obsessively compelled to tell Xavier war stories and poor Xavier is too damaged to speak of his own stories and so relives them in his morphine-addled head.
On a craft-based level, I was uncomfortable having these characters talking directly to the reader. I wanted to avoid what I felt was too self-conscious a style, and so I had each protagonist in the book tell a story directly to another. Niska and Elijah tell their stories to Xavier, and Xavier tells his own stories to himself. In the end, of course, the reader is the recipient, and hopefully the reader feels like a participant in a type of confession, a sharing and cleansing.
Of course, the Cree and Ojibwe tradition of storytelling is as deeply rooted as any other part of the culture. Storytelling is the lifeblood of the anishnabe. It is how lessons are taught, family histories are kept alive and good times are had.
-Joseph Boyden

Xavier Bird
-Xavier talks about the many adventures of his time with Elijah, the story starts with Xavier and Elijah at the battlefronts of World War I, with his squad Sergeant McCaan, Elijah, Sean Patrick, Grey Eyes, Fatty, etc. and goes into detail of the hardships and roles of each individual character.
-The main purpose of the flashback was to get the reader on understanding the pain Xavier had to go through
-Transition of Elijah from friend to psychopath
-How Xavier lost his sense of innocence

Aunt Niska
-Daughter of the head priest
-Spiritual Prowess
-Windigo Hunter
The Deeper Meaning behind the stories
-Xavier tells his story in first person point of view to thoroughly demonstrate the pain he has to endure while fighting in a war and having everyone around you slowly slip away into a nothingness
-Possible loss of sanity
Quote(pg. 369)
Why? his lips ask. My head feels split open from the explosion. I can't move, can only stare up at him, his mouth. "Are we not best friends, Xavier?"he asks. "Are we not best friends and great hunters/"He is my old friend again. I see the hurt child in him now. I nod. you were always the better hunter," he says He reaches for me."It has gone too far, hasn't it," he says. "I have gone too far, haven't I."His words wake my body. Elijah's hands reach for my throat. He squeezes it hard, and the words from that letter come back to me then, Niska. Do what you have to. I can't breathe. He is killing me. My good arm grasps at the ground beside me. My fingers grab a rifle. I swing the butt of it awkwardly at Elijah. The hard wood of it cracks the side of his head. He falls over.

Is it possible that Xavier had also gone crazy and became a psychopath, but told the story differently?(As mentioned before)
-Aunt Niska's story is for the sole purpose of helping Xavier heal his memories and mind by sharing the betrayal she had gone through with the one man she trusted everything to
-Spirtual Skills are true and brought revenge, one with Nature

What is the purpose of Niska's Story?
Real Life:
Say if you met somebody new, you most likely don’t know anything or very much about that person because the two of you just met. As you get to know that person and you start to develop relationships/friendships with them, a lot of the time people will often start to tell you stories about things from their past.
Novel(Three Day Road)
As the novel goes on, through the events, experiences and stories told through that characters perspective, you get a better understanding of what that character is like and a better description of the kind of person that they might be.
Importance of Storytelling by characters in Novel
Xavier's Storytelling
Listener and Storyteller
"I want to talk to her[Niska] about all of this and know that soon I must, but for now I allow myself to drift back to the comfort of old friends" -Pg 177

-Xavier relieves his life in the army in order to understand and cope with everything thst happened.
"I listen to Elijah carry on in Elijah and laugh with Sean Patrick and Gilberto and Grey Eyes and Graves. Already Elijah is telling of his exploits. I hear him making this story bigger: more dangerous, though he wasn't even the one shot at" -Pg 33

-Elijah glorifies himself to others so they think highly of him
"One soldier pipes up and claims he witnessed Elijah hit a retreating Hun from at least five hundred yards away, says he's never seen anything like it in his life and probably never will again" -Pg 243

-The other soldiers listening to Elijah's exaggerated stories are impressed.
Elijah's Storytelling
How important is storytelling in our modern-day world?
it was: a way to pass on information, be it history or culture, or a young mans first hunt.
Important of storytelling in our modern-day world

: to instill morals and values.
: to teach life lessons.
: as guidelines to help people make tough decisions.
: to teach of the greater good.

Gossip falls under the type of storytelling known as social storytelling. People gossip about everything from co-workers to celebrities. This form of storytelling comforts people and brings people together. Sometimes it gives people something to talk about instead of experiencing silence. Talking about other people and their problems helps individuals forget about their own problems for awhile. It can also help individuals find a new perspective on their lives.
Personal stories tell of an individual's life experiences. This is an important storytelling method because it can help an individual evaluate his life. The personal story can steer the individual toward making better choices in the future or change the direction of events by fixing a mistake from the past.
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