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What's Eating America

No description

Suze Deras

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of What's Eating America

What's Eating America
By Michael Pollan

America should not depend so much on synthetic nitrogen
because synthetic nitrogen causes more problems instead of fixing them
Ammonia nitrate is a farmland fertilizer that World War II uses (poison gas)
F1 hybrid can make corn fields explode. (It did in the 50's
Causes F1 hybrid is the greediest plant because it consumes more fertilizers
Usable nitrogen on earth had at one time been fixed by soil bacteria living on the roots of leguminous plants (like peas or alfalfa or locust trees) or, less commonly, by the shock of electrical lightning, which can break nitrogen bonds in the air, releasing a light rain of fertility.
Therefore it is better to use natural nitrogen to grow crops.
Speaker- Journalist, grown male, food lover, activist, American, naturalist

Occasion- Informational, critique

Audience- Activist, nutritionist, scientists

Purpose- To inform and persuade the key to reducing our dependence on synthetic nitrogen is to build a more diversified agriculture

Subject- Depending on the synthetic nitrogen in our agriculture

Tone- Bland, bloodless, passionate

: The author writes about corn and uses scientific evidence. Wants to reduce on being dependent on nitrogen and a more diversified agricultural.
: Have a sense of realization and revelation about what is in our food
-it is the building block from which ratare assembles amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids

Process Analysis:
-The heat and pressure are supplied by prodigious amounts of electricity, and the hydrogen is supplied by oil...(process of nitrogen in living things)

Comparison/ Contrast:
-"farm can now be managed on industrial principals...." one problem with fadroins as opposed to biological systems, is that they tend to pollute.

-"...during WWI, Haber threw himself into the German war effort, and kept his chemistry alive.

-F1 hybrid is the greediest of corn consuming more fertilizer than any other crop.

Suze D. & Eric H.
Period 6
AP Lang

-The flood of synthetic nitrogen

-F1 hybrid corn is the greediest of plants

1. The author's tone in the passage as a w hole is best described as...
a. choleric
b. formal
c. gloomy
d. optimistic
2. In paragraph 13, which of the following rhetorical strategies is most in evidence?
a. Process Analysis
b. Definition
c. Comparison/ contrast
d. Narration
3. The principal contrast employed by the author in paragraph 16-18, is between....
a. Farms and factories
b. fossil fuel and hybrid corn
c. corn and algae
d. farmers and organic farmers
4. In paragraph 9 line 2, contain which of the following?
a. extended examples
b. short examples
5. In context, the word "the corn people", In paragrpah 1, refers to which of the following?
a. The Old World
b. Central America
c. Descendants of the Maya living in Mexico
d. South America
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