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Levin Holloway

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of MAKE ME CARE LINT

Nesting material
If you keep small animals like mice, guniea pigs or hamsters consider adding lint to their enclosures for nesting purposes. Such as sleeping or giving birth. It's warm and soft, so it's ideal for creating a cozy place to curl up.
Lint can be used as a part of a paper making slurry to add depth and texture to the finished product.
Paper mache and Clay
You can use lint to make these two popular crafting method, and before you wrinkle your nose at the thought, let me tell you that lint has been used for fine arts, so you might want to give it a go.
Fine lint art
Fire starter
Hi i'm Levin and my presentation is on lint (my project is mostly about things you can do with lint).
Dryer lint
Apply lint to indoor or outdoor plants to help stay warm and retain water. In the winter mulch helps plants survive rough weather. It also reduces the amount of watering required. Over time it naturally breaks down to enrich soil.
Thank you for reading I am Levin and this was my make me care project.

Resource: networx.com
Lint can be used as great fire starter in the
forest or any other place (do not try this at home unless under parent supervision).

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