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The Practice of Civil Engineering

No description

Andrea Amores

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of The Practice of Civil Engineering

1.3 Client - Civil Engineer Relationship
1.9 Design Competition
1.10 Contingency Basis of Employment
1.3.4 , 1.3.5, 1.3.6 & 1.4
The client shall pay the Civil Engineer for his Services.
The Client shall provide the Civil Engineer within reasonable time.
The Client shall cooperate with the Civil Engineer.
The Client must be practicable and make arrangements to enable the Civil Engineer to enter the site.
The Client shall arrange for the provision of services from other professionals.
When the Civil Engineer is required to supervise the work of other professionals contracted by the Client is required to act as Engineer-to-the-Contract for any contract.
When aware of any matter which will change the scope of the Civil Engineer’s Services, the Client shall notify in writing within 7 days.

The Practice of Civil Engineering
Section 1
The procurement of Civil Engineering services for a quality project.
QUALITY by means of :
- meeting both the expectations of clients and employers
- meeting the requirements of the project
*professional dedication
*effort and responsibility
*adequate time for investigation
*planning and innovation
*fair compensation
*appropriate authority
dedicated to advancing both
Quality and Practice of Civil Engineering
for Civil Engineers to be given responsibility for:
*observing construction
*assisting in the programming for operating and maintaining engineering works
healthy safety well being
comfort of the public
mutual trust ,
effective communication
serves as faithful trustees to the client/employers
bound by the Fundametal Canons of Ethics
Obligations of the Client

The Civil Engineer shall only be liable to pay damages to the Client in connection with their Agreement if a breach of duty of care is established.

1.3.3 A Limitaion or Civil Engineer's Responsibility
The Civil Engineering shall have no responsibility for cost, loss or damage arising from any errors from data, documents, plans and design or specifications not prepared by him/her.
Civil Engineer shall not be held to have made any warranty or promise as to the suitability and performance of any other consultant or any other third party.
Civil Engineering shall not be responsible for the techniques, programs and procedures adopted by any other third party responsible for executing any aspects of the projects.
1.3.3 B Damages
Damages payable shall be limited to the amount of countable loss and damage suffered as a direct result of such breach.
The maximum amount of damages payable in respect of liability, whether under the law or contract is limited to the amount specified in the Specific Provision.
If found to be liable, in circumstances where the acts of a third party have contributed to the loss, the proportion of damages payable shall be limited to that proportion.

If a dispute arises an either party, then that party shall by notice in writing served on the other parts of the details of that dispute be resolved by conciliation. If the matter in dispute is not resolved in conciliation between the parties within the prescribed time then the matter in dispute shall be referred to arbitration.
The design analyses, drawings , specifications and reproductions thereof are instruments of service owned by the Professional Engineer and shall be used only for the specific project covered by the Agreement between the client and Engineer.
Typical Services may include:
* Design, consultation and services
*Feasibility studies
*Field investigations and engineering data
*Environmental assessments, impact statement or Engineering reports
*Opinions of probable construction cost
*Preliminary and final designs, drawings, specifications and construction bidding documents.
*Assistance in securing construction bids and in awarding contracts
*Construction administration and observation
*Arrangements for or performance of testing materials and equipments
*Assistance in start-up, assessment of capacity, and operation of facilities.
*Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals
* Appraisals and rate studies
* Value engineering
* Expert testimony
* Assessment of risks
* Structural remediation or rehabilitation
* Project management and Controls
* Provision of supplements temporary staff
* Teaching
asa kaha nga Field si papa nag specialize sa?
1.5 Specialization in Civil Engineering
- Within the practice of Civil Engineering , the PICE recognizes the initial five areas of specialization.

- 5 specialization in the fields that recognized by the PICE -

 Structural Engineering
 Geotechnical Engineering
 Water Engineering
 Transportation Engineering
 Construction Management and Engineering

- A Civil Engineer who was specialized in any area of Civil Engineering maybe considered as specialist in the appropriate field as enumerated.

unsa kahay mga qualities ni Papa Warbe nga na Civil engineer siya sa?
1.6 Selection of a CIVIL ENGINEER
- As a Civil Engineer the most important decisions to be made during the development of an Engineering project is the ENGAGEMENT.

- Several Factors need to be considered as a Civil Engineer, that may affect life cycle cost -

 Objective and commitment of financial resources
 Soundness of design
 Suitability of the project
 Organization
 Skill
 Integrity

- The full range of engineering services were cost the amount not less than 1-2 % of the life cycle in the most construction project. Therefore, the client’s best interest is to engage the most qualified and reputable Civil Engineers or Engineering firm.

- This refers to the engagement of Engineering services where the consulting Civil Engineer serve as the client directly as a prime professional and where the client is usually also the owner of the project.
1.8 Employment

- by Bob Nelson of Retention Connection
"Every employee is a wellspring of potential energy. The degree to which that energy is tapped in any given employee is a function of the interaction between the employee, his or her manager, and the working environment. An organization that expects, inspires, and encourages employees to perform at their highest levels will more than likely achieve those results. Energized employees take charge and do what needs to be done without being told."
DESIGN COMPETITION is a process through which a Civil Engineer is selected above other competitors based on proposal or an innovative approach to solving a clients needs .
Canon 5c or the PICE Code or Ethics provides that “ Engineers may request , propose or accept professional commissions on a contingency basis only under circumstances in w/c their professional judgements would not be compromised “
Foreign Civil Engineers are allowed by law (see RA 8991) to practice Civil Engineering in the Philippines under the following instances .
1. The laws on the foreigner’s state or country allow the citizens of the Philippines to practice civil engineering on the same basis and grant the same privileges as those enjoyed by the subjects or citizens of such foreign state or country .
2. Allowed under international agreement .
3. Consultants to be engaged in foreign – funded , joint venture or foreign –assisted projects of the government .
4. Employees of Philippines or Foreign private institutions pursuant to law.
5. Civil Engineers who were former citizens of the Philippines , who had been registered and issued a certificate of registration and a professional identification card prior to their naturalization as foreign citizens , and who while in the country on a visit , sojourn or permanent residence , desire to practice their profession .
The application of the law I however not automatic . Foreign cvil engineers must still secure a certificate of registration / license or special permit from the Professional Regulation Commission , Agencies , organizations or individuals , whether public or private ,who secure the services of a foreign Civil Engineers , are made responsible by law (RA 8991) for securing a special permits from the PRC and the Department of Labor and Employment pursuant to their respective rules ..

thank you for listening
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